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Universal – Jul 31 2018

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Clues Answers
“Chinese” header INDO
“Don’t forget …” ALSO
“Ivanhoe” author SCOTT
“Leave it in” STET
3,600,000 milliseconds HOUR
A real Stooge MOE
Agenda thing ITEM
Any valuable holding ASSET
Bind with a rope LASH
Blast furnace waste SLAG
Boot out OUST
Bring gloom upon SADDEN
Bristles TEEMS
Bullets, briefly AMMO
Cafe order LATTE
Camp David Accords guy SADAT
Catch one’s breath PAUSEFORAMOMENT
City near Syracuse UTICA
Co-___ (condo alternatives) OPS
Colored eye part UVEA
Colorful salamanders EFTS
Condescend DEIGN
Cuban dance RUMBA
Dec. 24 activity WAITINGFORSANTA
Dings X 5 DENTS
Drummer Ulrich LARS
Egyptian cobras, e.g ASPS
El ___ (Spanish hero) CID
Exxon competitor ARCO
Eye drops? TEARS
Fall back RETREAT
Farmer’s song location DELL
Fast Beetle CAR
Freed of all dissidents PURGED
Group playing together ENSEMBLE
Hearty tests? ECGS
Clues Answers
Hump-shouldered ox ZEBU
Invoice amount FEE
Irish language offshoot ERSE
Kind of smarts STREET
L.A. pros RAMS
Lickety-split, way old APACE
Light into ASSAIL
Like bass sounds DEEP
Like well-ventilated malls? OPENAIR
Mai ___ (cocktail) TAI
Makes assertions AVERS
Makes sharper HONES
Malaga-to-Granada dir ENE
Mentally stable SANE
Most terse SHORTEST
National anthem preposition OER
Parliament lengthener? ARIAN
Part of a poker pot ANTE
Peculiar ODD
Photo blowups (Abbr.) ENLS
Poem types ODES
Polite word PLEASE
Prefix meaning “against” ANTI
Quarrel SPAT
Rabble-rouse AGITATE
Shocks or stuns AMAZES
Spread around, as seeds SOWED
Suspect’s strategy DENY
Talk a bit CHAT
Thin nail BRAD
Three-way shape TEE
Too eager ANTSY
Unite, in a way MELD
Until now ASYET
Untrustworthy look LEER
Word before a crash OOPS
X-ray units RADS