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Universal – Jul 5 2018

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Universal Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Jul 5 2018 Thursday 

Clues Answers
“Buona ___” (good night) SERA
“Centric” prefix EGO
“Faust” writer GOETHE
Acquired GOT
Add one’s support to ENDORSE
Allow LET
Ascends RISES
Baby salamanders EFTS
Band’s job GIG
Be an exterminator DERAT
Bond’s Fleming IAN
Bottom-step post NEWEL
Capricorn creature GOAT
Crystal-lined rock GEODE
Easy win ROMP
Extreme grime etc. FILTH
Fallen angel LUCIFIER
Falsely depict BELIE
Famous gangster in limb-o? ARMS DIAMOND
Feminine pronoun HER
Femme fatale e.g. SEDUCER
Figure a bill in slang TOPUP
Flat-topped hills MESAS
Flowers or peeper parts IRISES
Galaxy you hold PHONE
German Mrs. FRAU
Gets one’s 53-Down RILES
Gondola steerers POLERS
Hawaiian freebie LEI
Help for a stranded motorist TOW
Hemmed SEWED
Homer’s neighbor NED
Initial number? ONE
Irreligious one PAGAN
Island for immigrants once ELLIS
Joule part ERG
Least green as fruit RIPEST
Like rams and lambs OVINE
Main course ENTREE
Meaty dish in limb-o? ARM OF MUTTON
Mechanic’s job TUNEUP
More seriously dry SERER
Nurture FOSTER
Old-style infielders BASEMEN
One of the two themes ARM
Open field LEA
Overwhelmed (with “under”) SNOWED
Parodies SENDUPS
Persuading in limb-o? LEG TWISTING
Picture of health? MRI
Place to dry out REHAB
Police work in limb-o? LEGOFTHELAW
Renegade ROGUE
Repeated a Latin dance CHA
Revises a text EDITS
Rub to irritation CHAFE
Seasonal toymaker ELF
Speaks for ___ ITSELF
Spur on a peak ARETE
Stimulus threshold LIMEN
Strongly disliking AVERSE
Summer beverage LIMEADE
Thing to keep to the ground? ANEAR
Tiny workers ANTS
To-do things? LISTS
Two-wheeled carriage HANSOM
Type of breath BATED
U-turn from before AFTER
Wading bird HERON
Wed on the fly ELOPE
Where soccer is football EUROPE
Worries on guitar? FRETS