Universal – Jul 6 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“For ___” (1966 Beatles song) NOONE
“G.I. Jane” actress Moore DEMI
“It’s ___ easy being green” NOT
“Let’s hit the waves!” SURFSUP
“Mi ___ es su ___” CASA
“Mine, mine, it’s all mine!” desire GREED
“Mom” actress Faris ANNA
“No idea” gesture SHRUG
“Not gonna happen!” ASIF
“Satisfied yet?!” AREYOUHAPPYNOW
“That’s a total ___-out!” COP
“Tickle Me” Muppet ELMO
“What ___ I thinking?” WAS
“Yippee!” WOOHOO
“___ One: A Star Wars Story” ROGUE
<< button on a remote REWIND
A link might lead to it WEBPAGE
Apex predator of the ocean ORCA
Baby goat KID
Backside REAR
Barely there? NUDE
Bengaluru’s country INDIA
Biblical ark builder NOAH
Can’t CTRL Me nail polish brand OPI
Carrier with a shamrock in its logo AERLINGUS
Ceaselessly NOEND
Chicago airport OHARE
Cleared of snow PLOWED
Colts’ and Cowboys’ org NFL
Compete for a seat RUN
Deduce INFER
Dover’s state: Abbr DEL
Engaged in conflict ATWAR
Enjoy some panipuri EAT
Express a view OPINE
Fencer’s blade EPEE
Fishing line holder REEL
Fork prong TINE
Fridge decoration MAGNET
Fruit in many still life paintings PEAR
Fully learned DOWNPAT
It might pull a bit REIN
Italian wine region ASTI
June 6, 1944 DDAY
Key ring attachment FOB
Luau dish POI
Make a mistake ERR
Making a blip ONRADAR
Mash potatoes, say? CHEW
Mentally hazy INAFOG
Metropolis that’s home to the Qutb Minar DELHI
Musical whose name is 3/4 vowels AIDA
Nonprofit’s URL ending, often ORG
Oil grp OPEC
Opposite of difficulty EASE
Opposite of happy SAD
Optimal IDEAL
Paging device BEEPER
Pasta often served with vodka sauce PENNE
Prepared to shoot an arrow AIMED
Rage IRE
Reactions to bad jokes GROANS
Red in the middle, like a steak RARE
Risked a traffic citation SPED
Rock that sounds like a conjunction ORE
Ruin MAR
Sharpen, like a skill HONE
Side dish often eaten with two hands EAROFCORN
Snooty person SNOB
Stick whose box might have a built-in pencil sharpener CRAYON
Test for college srs GRE
Totally absurd INANE
Train for a bout SPAR
Wander around ROAM
Watershed moment … and a hint to the first words of 20-, 28- and 44-Across STARTOFANEWERA
Without “rocks” NEAT

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