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Universal – Jul 8 2018

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Clues Answers
“Well, ___-di-dah” LAH
‘Tis anagram ITS
A Muppet ERNIE
A salon dye HENNA
Ab absurdo language LATIN
Actress Ruby DEE
Adventurous treks SAFARIS
Almost here, old-style ANON
Altar phrase IDO
Ancient Roman senate CURIA
Ark unit DUO
As well TOO
Be vocal SAY
Broadcaster’s finer FCC
Bug baby LARVA
Canada coin birds LOONS
Cellular material RNA
Cherish ADORE
Climbing vine LIANA
Crawl along CREEP
Cure-all? No NOSTRUM
Decorator’s selection COLOR
Domingo or Tomas starter SANTO
Down emotionally SAD
Dust particle SPECK
Early Genesis man ENOS
Easter sign ARIES
Egyptian fertility god OSIRIS
Fail to be perfect ERR
Feature of web addresses DOT
Feeling bad ILL
Firm, as pasta ALDENTE
Fudgelike candy PENUCHE
Honorary legal deg LLD
Indian instrument SITAR
Like drafts ONTAP
Like dry land SERE
Low-down weapon? FOOTGRENADE
Clues Answers
Lugger of luggage TOTER
Massachusetts cape ANN
Mentally stable SANE
Musical Hayes ISAAC
Naval rank (Abbr.) ENS
New Delhi’s country INDIA
Nice rock to pick? ORE
Non-buyers RENTERS
North Dakota city MINOT
Noses for snowmen CARROTS
Noted ring shuffler ALI
Older brother’s socks, now yours? FOOTMEDOWNS
Pas’ dears MAS
Pedigree dog? No way CUR
Phone keypad symbol STAR
Physician’s org AMA
Pizza’s John? PAPA
Plot differently? REMAP
President Garfield’s middle ABRAM
Press kit bit BIO
Product in a blue book ESSAY
Projecting window ORIEL
River to the Caspian URAL
Scotland’s Mary STUART
Secure one’s shoes TIE
Simple seat STOOL
Smoke-filled drags TOKES
Sn, symbolically TIN
Some rainwear PONCHOS
Some winter wear KNITS
Spirited horse STEED
Texas border town LAREDO
Type of measure STOPGAP
Upside-down fighter? HANDSOLDIER
Vital acid AMINO
Where to store gloves and rings? HANDLOCKERS
Word for sharers OUR
Word with “industrial” ARTS
Yet to be cooked RAW