Universal – Jul 8 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Barb and Star Go to Vista ___ Mar” (2021 comedy) DEL
“Blitzkrieg Bop” band RAMONES
“No Ordinary Love” singer SADE
“Piece of cake,” e.g IDIOM
“Scream” director Craven WES
“Super cool!” NEAT
“That’s enough!” … and a hint to the origins of the starred clues’ answers NOMAS
“You ___ me big time!” OWE
“___ more song!” (“Encore!”) ONE
“___ the fields we go …” OER
*Documents on who’s been naughty and nice? THEXMASFILES
*Poetry competition hosted by Nana? GRANDMASSLAM
*Trendy isms? HOTDOGMAS
1959 film with chariots BENHUR
A singular time ONCE
Apple storage service ICLOUD
Areas for surgical residents: Abbr ORS
Assistance AID
At this point ASOFNOW
Back muscles, for short LATS
Big jump LEAP
Big ___, California SUR
Bring up, or something to bring up REAR
Briny expanse SEA
Brouhaha ADO
Cards on lanyards IDS
Color that represents anger RED
Compact DENSE
Competed in a 5K RAN
Country whose flag has crossed swords over a khanjar OMAN
Court WOO
Defame SMEAR
Do a queen’s job REIGN
Drain covers GRATES
Earned a trip to the swear jar CURSED
Eat away at ERODE
Elite athlete ALLSTAR
Feels badly about RUES
Filled with wonder AWED
Fish in a caterpillar roll EEL
Fish in a tin SARDINE
Follow ENSUE
Formula One competitors RACERS
French painter Edouard MANET
Freudian concept EGO
Function USE
Furious IRATE
Genesis twin ESAU
Go-between MEDIATOR
Goal of some sunbathers TAN
Highest point APEX
Instance of fraud SCAM
iPhone speaker? SIRI
Its HQ is in Langley, Va CIA
Layer of stain COAT
Madison Square Garden, e.g ARENA
Members of some stable families? MARES
More domesticated TAMER
Piece of dough in a French restaurant? EURO
Pondered aloud MUSED
Price of freedom? RANSOM
Pride member LION
Pyromaniac’s crime ARSON
Really feel yesterday’s workout ACHE
Savory baked pastry SAMOSA
Some shirts have one built in BRA
String around the finger, e.g REMINDER
Summer hours in D.C EDT
Those, in Spanish ESOS
Time to give up? LENT
Tons of LOTSA
Top ___ Entertainment (record label) DAWG
Valentine’s Day flower, often ROSE
Wee bit IOTA
Where a baseball team sits DUGOUT
Word after “Mother” or “silly” GOOSE
___-Magnon CRO

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