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Universal – Jul 9 2018

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Clues Answers
“Back to the Future” role BIFF
“Ghost” actor Moore DEMI
180-minute film EPIC
Aroma ODOR
Articles of belief CREDOS
Bad luck HOODOO
Beantown hockey legend ORR
Brainy output IDEAS
Bread type RYE
Butcher’s throw-away OFFAL
Certain citrus fruit UGLI
Certain speech defects LISPS
Common bodybuilder? DNA
Common precipitation RAIN
Comp allowance? FREEADMITTANCE
Cut in a forest HEWED
Dessert makers BAKERS
Difficult HARD
Down in the dumps GLUM
Dropping-off point? EDGE
Eating facilitators FORKS
Executed, as software RAN
Exhausted SPENT
Feeling or smell SENSE
Fill, as with energy INFUSE
Fill-up stuff FUEL
Film bit CLIP
Film’s music SCORE
Folder add-ons TABS
Full-bore ALLOUT
Group culture ETHOS
Harder to see TEENSIER
Have debts OWE
It broadcasts in 25 languages RADIOFREEEUROPE
It meshes GEAR
La-di-dah ARTY
Land near Wales EIRE
Clues Answers
Latin “that is” IDEST
Lava type MOLTEN
Like desert earth SERE
Modern music type TECHNO
Moisten early BEDEW
Molded ice cream BOMBE
Observant AWARE
Old lighter TORCH
Old trade inits EEC
Opinion piece ESSAY
Paris born NEE
Part of a work boot TOECAP
Placekicker’s aid TEE
Pontifical PAPAL
Rash symptom ITCH
Religious schism SECT
Saber? No, less EPEE
Send out EMIT
Shuttle gasket ORING
Slithering fish EELS
Some eagles ERNS
Squirrel away HOARD
Strike, way-back SMITE
Thing in a fountain COIN
Trousers insert BELT
Type of mortals? MERE
Typical lunch time NOON
U-turn from after BEFORE
Ursine cartoon character YOGI
Warp and weft gizmo LOOM
Weak coffees DECAFS
What to do every four years? LEAP
Wide-eyed child NAIF
Wine region ASTI
Won’t be punished at all GETOFFSCOTFREE
Words with “date” or “trap” SETA
Workout places GYMS