Universal – Jun 10 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“How frustrating!” UGH
“I never saw your text,” perhaps LIE
“Rocky III” actor MRT
“Sad” color BLUE
“The Simpsons” neighbor NED
“The ___ the limit!” SKYS
“___: Vegas” (CBS show) CSI
*Event for Trixie Mattel or RuPaul DRAGSHOW
*Heels-over-head stunt HANDSTAND
*Play cooperatively TAKETURNS
*What your patience may gradually do WEARTHIN
After the penultimate LAST
Apple tablet IPAD
Apt job for Joe? BARISTA
Asthma trigger SMOG
Bachelor’s final words IDO
Bart or Ringo STARR
Beehive State natives UTES
Biblical utopia EDEN
Bubbly British chocolate bar AERO
Cecil or Simba LION
Chatted on Slack, say IMED
Cinnabon’s smell, e.g AROMA
Cold country known for hot springs ICELAND
Con artist’s assistant SHILL
Crafty website ETSY
Dos + uno TRES
Drain problems CLOGS
Follow surreptitiously TAIL
French denial NON
Fresh talk SASS
Gleeful look GRIN
Goes up and down and up .. YOYOS
Group after boomers GENX
Hard tennis shot SMASH
In need, or two words that can follow both parts of each starred clue’s answer DOWNANDOUT
Insults during a roast ZINGS
Investigative piece by Ida B. Wells EXPOSE
It may thicken … or be full of holes PLOT
Jack or Jill NAME
Jackrabbit, e.g HARE
Like ski trails that aren’t flat SLOPING
Lose-lose NOWIN
Love a lot ADORE
Many a city street layout GRID
Member of Congress’s “Squad” ILHANOMAR
Mocking looks SMIRKS
Nile wader IBIS
Nut in a pie PECAN
NYC theater district BWAY
Obscene LEWD
Olajuwon nicknamed “the Dream” HAKEEM
Ore analysis ASSAY
Outdated letter opener DEARSIR
Palindromic alternative to a Game Boy PSP
Passe OLD
Place to order ale PUB
Poem unit STANZA
Potent part of pot THC
Prefix for “final” SEMI
Projectile path ARC
Rome under Augustus, e.g AUTOCRACY
Rushes, like a castle STORMS
Silent agreement NOD
Smidge IOTA
Strange-sounding lake ERIE
The 30th, for June END
These, in Havana ESTOS
Time machine on “Doctor Who” TARDIS
U.S. school in Athens UGA
Ultrabright colors NEONS
Victoria Falls spray MIST
Vital artery AORTA
Word after “egg” or before “fly” SAC
Word after “UV” or “X-“ RAY
___ Fierce (onetime Beyonce alter ego) SASHA
___-and-seek HIDE

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