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Universal – Jun 11 2018

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Clues Answers
“Every” go-with EACH
21-Down of 21-Down AKIN
48-Down solo ARIA
Actress Miles VERA
All over again ANEW
Andrew Webber’s middle LLOYD
Animal’s track SPOOR
Baby cow CALF
Blueprint detail SPEC
Botanical intersection NODE
Breaks for musicians RESTS
Brilliantly smart people GENII
Business card abbr TEL
Caffeine-yielding nut KOLA
Candied food YAMS
Ceiling or cap LIMIT
Certain fastener CLASP
Cheddar alternative EDAM
Close observer EYER
Clothing joiner SEAM
Cygnet SWAN
Daily Planet employee LANE
Dawn ground cover DEW
Dent Blanche, for one ALP
Edible root TARO
Emphasis ACCENT
Emulates John Goodman ACTS
Exploited field worker PEON
Extremely decorative FANCY
Family members KIN
Fields of endeavor AREAS
For all to see OVERT
Furniture wheel CASTER
Guard of Georgetown? HOYA
Has to repeat a grade FAILS
Heady pests LICE
Clues Answers
Improvises jazzily SCATS
In, from the past RETRO
Indian city AGRA
Is not improper? AINT
Itches and urgings YENS
Jungle swingers APES
Like Chicago WINDY
Magician’s cry VOILA
Make like a pigeon COO
Memo phrase ASTO
Mighty hauler SEMI
Moo ___ pork SHU
Needing extinguishing AFIRE
Off the right path ASTRAY
Old-fashioned drink WHISKEYCOCKTAIL
One Gabor EVA
Patrick Kane, for one ICEHOCKEYPLAYER
Period in office TERM
Prefix with “body” ANTI
Ring-shaped reef ATOLL
Salvation follower? ARMY
Short tale CONTE
Side of a diner? SLAW
Sorrowful cry PLAINT
Sporty Italian cars, cut ALFAS
Stylish elegance ELAN
Super-manly MACHO
The stuff of pigtails HAIR
Thing screamed on a set ACTION
Tommy and Robert E LEES
Toxic thing POISON
Tree with oblong leaves PAPAW
Wagner work OPERA
Whale’s edibles KRILL
White as a sheet ASHEN
With no balance PAID
Year component MONTH