Universal – Jun 11 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“A ghost!!” EEK
“C’mon, tell me!” SPITITOUT
“Hey, everyone’s different” ITTAKESALLSORTS
“I totally agree!” SAME
“It just vanished!” POOF
“No ___, Bob!” SIREE
“So tragic” THATSSAD
“That’s the last straw!” NOMOREMRNICEGUY
“Yeah, right!” ASIF
“You ___ kidding!” ARENT
A bit too precious CUTESY
A8 and Q8, for two AUDIS
Accumulated, as charges RANUP
Aggressive dog CUR
As a whole INALL
Baby otter PUP
Bill with a large contract, say? NFLSTAR
Boba from the planet Kamino FETT
Bombeck who wrote “If Life Is a Bowl of Cherries, What Am I Doing in the Pits?” ERMA
Bowlers, but not archers HATS
Bricklayers MASONS
Buck who was the MLB’s first Black coach ONEIL
Catwoman or Harley Quinn, e.g ANTIHERO
Channel for Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest ESPN
Chase rival, for short CITI
Chili con carne, e.g STEW
Cloth in a British kitchen TEATOWEL
Conform socially FITIN
Country hidden in “Somalia” MALI
Crow’s sound CAW
Damage HARM
Dazzled feeling AWE
Drawing out one’s feelings? ARTTHERAPY
Drive-___ voting THRU
Ease up ABATE
Egyptian cobra ASP
Exclusive stories SCOOPS
Feminist slogan created by the band Bikini Kill GIRLPOWER
Film with plants and bugs? SPYMOVIE
Fly sky-high SOAR
Food, or has food EATS
How deadpan humor is delivered DRYLY
Jumping skills, in slang HOPS
Justification for treating oneself IDESERVEIT
Late to school TARDY
Learned WISE
Legend MYTH
Less coarse FINER
Less common RARER
Littlest of a litter RUNT
Masala ___ (spiced milk tea) CHAI
McGregor of “Christopher Robin” EWAN
Mountain whose Tibetan name is Qomolangma EVEREST
Move slowly (along) INCH
MTV show where Olivia Rodrigo won Best New Artist in ’21 VMAS
New Zealander in Keri Hulme’s “The Bone People” MAORI
PictureMate printer maker EPSON
Piece of advice TIP
Pre-1917 Russian ruler TSAR
Pummels with snowballs, say PELTS
Qatar’s fastest-growing city DOHA
Quick snack BITE
Real bores DRIPS
Sacred Navajo home HOGAN
Sample TASTE
Send forth EMIT
Take it on the ___ CHIN
Tyler’s presidential successor POLK
Young person who spends hours scrolling social media, often SCREENAGER

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