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Universal – Jun 13 2018

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Clues Answers
“All you can ___” EAT
“Disco” time, historically ERA
“Green” crop, sometimes ONIONS
“Mature” prefix PRE
2018 college football champs, briefly BAMA
A of geometry AREA
Activist Brockovich ERIN
Ant, old-school EMMET
Arabian Sea country OMAN
Baby in a barnyard CALF
Bad impression result? DENT
Big-time gambler’s perk COMP
Bit of fishing gear CREEL
Blue dyes ANILS
Bread unit LOAF
Business abbr CORP
Catered FED
Cheep accommodation? NEST
Chip condiment SALSA
Chutzpah NERVE
Clean, as windows WIPE
Cocoon inhabitant LARVA
Convert to confetti TEARUP
Dashing style, fancy ELAN
De-weaponize UNARM
Delicacy fish EEL
Dogs needing a home CURS
Exclusively SOLELY
Fake fly LURE
Filing tool RASP
Forest creature WAPITI
Fresh ANEW
Front of a “house” PENT
Go way slow INCH
Green sin? ENVY
Hoarfrost kin RIME
Hole poker AWL
Honeycomb divisions CELLS
Clues Answers
Hot shot point ANODE
Hot spew LAVA
Human barker CARNY
Imitating APING
Interstate attachments RAMPS
Involving two parts DUPLE
Irregularly notched EROSE
Is droopy SAGS
It gets corny COB
Journalist Shriver MARIA
Like cooking apples CORED
Like dental exams ORAL
Like some furnaces OILFIRED
Love poetry Muse ERATO
Metal fastener RIVET
Movie theater staples POPCORNMACHINES
Mutual of ___ OMAHA
Nabisco cookie OREO
Old Roman egg OVUM
On ___ diem basis APER
Park activity STROLL
Rant partner RAVE
Red berry producer ARUM
Skits showcase REVUE
Soft leather SUEDE
Spousal enterprises MOMANDPOPSTORES
Stack PILE
Striker on its belly ASP
Sweet, long-lasting treat CARAMELLOLLIPOP
Terrell with the good hands OWENS
Three square NINE
Too quick to act HASTY
Too-heavy lifting hazard HERNIA
Twisted “same” place MESA
Vacuumed? No, less SWEPT
Virile dude HEMAN
Womb nourishment PLACENTA
Yours and mine OURS