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Universal – Jun 14 2018

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Clues Answers
“And Then There Were ___” NONE
“Black Beauty” author Sewell ANNA
“Cancel the wager” NOBET
“I, Claudius” part NERO
“Make it happen or ___!” ELSE
“Not true!” LIES
1 of 13 in a deck SPADE
1/2 of a 1/2 cord STERE
Abbr. after listed people ETAL
Almost-daily delivery MAIL
Animal that claps SEAL
Arts’ opener FINE
Author’s credit BYLINE
Avian hangout NEST
Bad place for a spill ALLOVERYOURSELF
Be democratic VOTEIN
Bellow fellow SAUL
Bitter-tasting ACERB
Brief break REST
Brit’s sweater type POLONECK
Camelot weapon LANCE
Causing finger circles around ears TALKINGTOMYSELF
Choir section ALTO
Church area APSE
Cigarette add-on FILTER
Cooler insert SODA
Copy cats? MEOW
Daddy-o’s child? KIDDO
Drs.’ org AMA
Express letters? ASAP
Far-reaching VAST
Fish eggs ROE
Food flavoring SPICE
Graph displayer EASEL
Great pretender ACTOR
Hamlet’s amount of troubles? ASEA
Horror “Street” ELM
Hot service provider TEASET
Clues Answers
It winds up on lakes REEL
It’s all briny SEA
Less dangerous SAFER
Levels EVENS
Loman, famously SALESMAN
Look too obviously STARE
Maiden name indicator NEE
Maritime craft SHIP
Marry me? Yes IDO
Money no good now LIRA
Movie attractions STARS
Moving around ASTIR
Multi-voweled cookies OREOS
Muslim commander AGHA
Needing inflation FLAT
Negotiator for a percent AGENT
Old home with a flap TEPEE
Place for shots BAR
Place that’s paneled? FORUM
Prevents littering? SPAYS
Really stood out SHONE
Remove weapons from UNARM
Rural storage buildings SILOS
Seed cover ARIL
Seeks answers ASKS
Small amounts TADS
Stick, as a landing NAIL
Sweetly, in music DOLCE
This puzzle’s theme SELF
Tres chic TRENDY
Type of chair EASY
U-turn from in every way NOHOW
Watch feature DIAL
Went the extra mile ASSERTEDONESELF
What all sales are? FINAL
What to do on down the road EASE
Your money and your smile ASSETS
___ little longer GOA