Universal – Jun 14 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Great show!” BRAVO
“Sure, I’m game” LETS
“This is so relaxing!” AHH
007 creator Fleming IAN
Acting class student, often DRAMAMAJOR
Adrenal and thyroid, e.g GLANDS
Artificial high voice FALSETTO
Be too sweet CLOY
Body part hidden in “forearm” EAR
Campaign-funding org PAC
Celebrate Arbor Day, say (First 4 + last 1) PLANTATREE
Comic Sans, for one FONT
Common sashimi fish TUNA
Composer who won an Oscar for 2021’s “Dune” (First 2 letters in this answer + last 4) HANSZIMMER
Cry heard over a baby monitor MAMA
Digit one may stub TOE
Dumpster output ODOR
Durance of “Smallville” ERICA
Foldable Mexican food TACO
Formerly called NEE
French fashion magazine ELLE
Giant in digital watches CASIO
Give for a while LEND
Golfers’ dreams HOLESINONE
Got all gussied up (First 2 + last 3) DRESSEDTOKILL
Granny NANA
Grinned briefly (First 1 + last 3) FLASHEDASMILE
High ___-esteem SELF
In the past ONCE
Instruments in wind quintets OBOES
Jeter of Cooperstown DEREK
Jimin’s K-pop band BTS
Joint above the thigh HIP
Kendrick who voiced Poppy in “Trolls” ANNA
Kindergarten basics ABCS
Lack of hassle EASE
Let up ABATE
Like much folklore ORAL
Lincoln competitor CADILLAC
Look before Christmas PEEK
Map lines: Abbr RDS
Memorable periods ERAS
Messy stack HEAP
Mexico’s ___ California BAJA
Military forces ARMIES
Mom on “Bob’s Burgers” LINDA
Most peeved SOREST
Neither’s partner NOR
New Zealand language MAORI
Non-___ corn GMO
Noodle soup often topped with chashu RAMEN
Number-picking casino game KENO
On the ___ (at large) LAM
Opposite of trans CIS
Part of a play group? SCENE
Particles in electrolytes IONS
Pigeon’s sound COO
Set of cards DECK
Skewered dish often served with peanut sauce SATAY
Small stream CREEK
Some HS test results APSCORES
Some run Windows 11 PCS
Spot of land in a lake ISLE
Stat for Aaron Judge RBI
Table support LEG
The “p” in mph PER
Title for Elton John SIR
Toss-up at the track EVENODDS
Tourist mecca near Java BALI
Two tablets, e.g DOSE
Type your username and password, say SIGNIN
Weeding tool HOE
Winter hrs. in Milwaukee CST
Without ice NEAT
___ out (loses focus) ZONES

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