Universal – Jun 15 2018

Clues Answers
“Far out!” kin RAD
A Great Lake ERIE
African serpents ASPS
Airheads DITZES
Airline info ETA
Almanac subject TIDE
Arresting person COP
Bad golf stroke result SLICE
Baking soda target ODOR
Barbie’s friend KEN
Basil and garlic sauce PESTO
Batting order LINEUP
Be transformed? ARE
Bit of body art TAT
Biter in the Bayou GATOR
Blue-green shade AQUA
Bones in reptilian? ILIA
Business big shot MOGUL
Capital two miles up LAPAZ
Certain Arabic speaker IRAQI
Charge fees again REBILL
Church feature ALTAR
Consider, in court HEAR
Cronelike ANILE
Cubicle’s lack DOOR
Damage MAR
Data entry error TYPO
Desktop trashcan, e.g ICON
Do kindergarten math ADD
Doctor’s request INHALE
Does some jazz singing SCATS
Dull photo finishes MATTES
Fix, as a race RIG
Freedom of speech squelcher GAGLAW
Glasses piece LENS
Glean REAP
Guide for sightseers CICERONE
Had vittles ATE
Clues Answers
Help a cashier BAG
Imaginary? No REAL
Like ears and brains LOBED
Like mean-spirited jokes DISTASTEFUL
Like musty basements DAMP
Little Darth Vader ANI
Loose Indian wrap SARI
Loose, long overcoat ULSTER
Mark of infamy STIGMA
Martinique neighbor STLUCIA
Needs hydration THIRSTS
Nickel finish? ODEON
Ocean landmass ISLET
Outdoor kids’ game TAG
Pasta tubes PENNE
Polite address SIR
Pot thickener? ANTE
Prince Charming kin? MISTERRIGHT
Put a hankie to, as tears DABAT
Puzzles and posers BAFFLERS
Qualifying bouts, cut PRELIMS
Register TILL
Relative or nun legally? SISTERINLAW
Remove chalk ERASE
Remove with effort DISLODGE
Require a doctor FALLILL
Risque Gere role GIGOLO
Roma’s country ITALIA
Sargasso, for one SEA
Scurrying rodent RAT
Speed verifier RADAR
Stately street ELM
Transmit a package SHIP
Underscores STRESSES
Way-long classics EPICS
Where to find many dates HISTORYBOOK
Worth a 10 rating IDEAL
Yoko of music ONO

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