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Universal – Jun 16 2018

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Clues Answers
“Brady Bunch” member CAROL
“Don’t go out that door!” STAY
“Good gravy!” kin EGAD
“Nim’s Island” author Wendy ORR
“Sciences” go-with ARTS
325,851 gallons ACREFOOT
Aquarium problem ALGAE
Assist a shoplifter ABET
Auto pioneer Ransom OLDS
Bad cure for headaches? GUILLOTINE
Beastly male creature OGRE
Beethoven’s birthplace BONN
Brought to court SUED
Calls, in poker SEES
Change text again REEDIT
Clears one’s writing? ERASES
Commit a checking error OVERDRAW
Common tree ELM
Courtroom attire SUIT
David Allan of music COE
Do like a bell TOLL
Double agent, e.g SPY
Eclectic assortment OLIO
Ex-lax? TAUT
Exam for Brit preteen students ELEVENPLUS
Examine anew RETEST
Exclusive opera seating LOGE
Fruit “meat” PULP
Fuel source COAL
Gardeners’ nemeses WEEDS
Gas used as fuel ETHANE
Gate securers HASPS
Geographic reference ATLAS
Get feverish AIL
Grammatical error SOLECISM
Home with no A/C IGLOO
It can get you there CAR
Jungle growths VINES
Clues Answers
Least rainy DRYEST
Like seven parts of Rome HILLED
Long time periods AGES
Low? No, u-turn HIGH
Many a year ___ AGO
Missile housing SILO
Name in three English rivers OUSE
Not quiet LOUD
Pay-you-later kin IOU
Pool prods CUES
Possess HAVE
Public assembly meeting TOWNHALL
Run while stopped IDLE
Run-down area SLUM
Simple construction supplies HAMMERANDNAIL
Snitch TELL
Sonnet or ode POEM
Spades player’s error RENEGE
Spreadsheet revelation PROFITANDLOSS
Spring month APRIL
Strong smell ODOR
The Apple apple, e.g LOGO
They drove off a cliff THELMAANDLOUISE
Traffic shifters CONES
Turn to mush ROT
U-turn from WSW ENE
Undesirable soft food GRUEL
Unreliable scoundrel ROGUE
Valley DALE
Was in the paper RAN
Wear away ERODE
What rats do GNAW
What yes-men do AGREE
With an icy coat RIMY
Word of preference RATHER
Work hard TOIL
Yamuna River city AGRA
___-Pitch softball SLO