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Universal – Jun 17 2018

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Clues Answers
“Gross!” UGH
“One-___ Jacks” (film) EYED
Abbr. on tires PSI
As well ALSO
Avian haunt NEST
Be consequential? ENSUE
Be dashing? SPRINT
Birth-based NATAL
Blast, as a radio BLARE
Brief blueprint detail SPEC
Circular water current EDDY
Clearly stunned AGAPE
Cold-water food fish SCUP
Corpulent OBESE
Countless UNTOLD
Crack, as string beans SNAP
De-grime oneself BATHE
Deep-___ pizza DISH
Dollars and cents MONIES
Firewood measure STERE
Fish eggs ROE
Ganges city AGRA
Genesis ark-maker NOAH
Grass you buy SOD
Guinness of films ALEC
He drops Bart off at school OTTO
He gave everyone a lift OTIS
Horse with some white hairs ROAN
Impressions of dirt roads? RUTS
Indoor sports site ARENA
Ireland, lovely ERIN
Kind of support TECH
Lazy person’s short question? YIRONSINTHEFIRE
Legendary Babe RUTH
Like woodlands FORESTED
Marquis’s underling EARL
Mixed assortment OLIO
Clues Answers
Money in slang DOUGH
Mythical world-holder ATLAS
Not falling for ONTO
Noted Downing Street address TEN
Old “What!” EGAD
One in the party? POLITICO
Pampering venue SPA
Pass on, as a message RELAY
Patton pretender SCOTT
Pine or peach TREE
Post road-to-Damascus name PAUL
Post-sanding condition SMOOTH
Prefix with “violet” ULTRA
Push for strongly URGE
Relishes SAVORS
Rose essence ATTAR
Say “Wasn’t me” DENY
Seat for some top execs? CHAIROFTHEBOARD
Shopaholic’s place MALL
Small reddish monkey TITI
Speaker’s tool VOICE
State with the most sides UTAH
Stick that makes you hoppy POGO
Tomb Raider name CROFT
U-turn from hardly ever OFTEN
U-turn from jock NERD
Walked powerfully TROD
Walks without grace PLODS
Weaponizer ARMER
Wet passageway CANAL
What a solo is for ONE
What the relaxing lamb was? GENTLEOFLEISURE
Where altars are anchored APSES
Willie in center field MAYS
With obvious muscles TONED
Wrongful acts, in law TORTS
___ Haven (city) EAST