Universal – Jun 18 2018

Clues Answers
“… snow, ___ rain …” NOR
“I see it!” AHA
“Without further ___ …” ADO
2/14 handout ROSE
90-degree shapes ELLS
Abbr. of the extreme ULT
Acid and blood, for two TESTS
And others, briefly ETAL
Arm full of water INLET
Baldness concealers HATS
Barge kin SCOW
Be worrisome FRET
Big doofus OAF
Bit of facial hair LASH
Bright parrot MACAW
Burdensome duty ONUS
China’s continent ASIA
Close with oomph SLAM
Clue seeker, briefly TEC
Colorful eye part UVEA
Computer key INSERT
Cover in “The Matrix”? LONGLEATHERCOAT
D.C. pol SEN
Daubs a wall PAINTS
Derisive laugh HAH
Do a hosting duty WELCOME
Earl Grey container TEACHEST
Expensive boat YACHT
Farm storage facility BARN
Finalizes a surrender DISARMS
Flat-topped hill MESA
Former student ALUM
French river LOIRE
It’s butt-ery? RAM
It’s in cosmetics ALOE
Lay out, as a new rug UNROLL
Leader of a procession HEARSE
Like a busy match? LIT
Clues Answers
Like healthy beef LEAN
Line from the heart ARTERY
Many trees OAKS
Morsel in the forest ACORN
Mountain in Crete IDA
Nary a person NOONE
Place for wannabes? ONYOURCOATTAILS
Pond surface stuff SCUM
Position for the opposition ANTI
Post-first quarter tide NEAP
Regretful one RUER
Remove an outer layer? TAKEOFFONESCOAT
Rest provider SEAT
Roman X TEN
Shakespeare’s place AVON
Shrek’s species OGRE
Some big birds RHEAS
St. ___ (Windward Island) LUCIA
Stale kin SPOILT
Super-wise person SAVANT
Temperamental performer DIVA
Tender to the touch SORE
Thing on a city map, cut AVE
Thing way up north POLE
Things for fencers EPEES
Two-tone sea predator ORCA
Type of statesman ELDER
U-turn from most LEAST
Use a 69-Across SAIL
Use a fitting room TRYON
Vandalize MAR
Visitors from afar ETS
Water provider WELL
Weapon for tilts LANCE
What’s remaining LEFTOVER
Will Ferrell character ELF
Winter burner LOG

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