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Universal – Jun 19 2018

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Clues Answers
“Famous” cookie maker AMOS
“Home of the brave” USA
“Sitting duck,” e.g IDIOM
“Sweet!” NICE
“___ of Eden” EAST
Abu Dhabi resident ARAB
Activists? DOERS
Amendment dealing with punishment VIII
At the summit of ATOP
Be king RULE
Bold poker player RAISER
Bridgestone circle TIRE
Champs Elysees turndown NON
Chilean high-rises ANDES
Christiania, once OSLO
Cloth joiners SEAMS
Common-interest group BLOC
Concerning eyesight OCULAR
Crazy LOCO
Curtain holders RODS
Dashboard Confessional fans EMOS
Educator DOCENT
Emulate Daffy duck LISP
Esau’s dad ISAAC
Gem State city BOISE
Give off, as fumes EMIT
Grilled food STEAK
Group with dues UNION
Hyper ending BOLE
Id complement EGO
Injurious DAMAGING
Inquire ASK
It can come to mind IDEA
Jung’s inner self ANIMA
Lack of light to a tailor? STITCHBLACKNESS
Lacking potency WEAK
Light touch DAB
Like an old bucket OAKEN
Clues Answers
London’s hrs GMT
Make booties on the jury? (var.) KNITINJUDGEMENT
Mind’s-eye picture IMAGE
Missile “house” SILO
Model for a camera POSE
Moving vehicles VANS
Much of a snake TAIL
Musical with “Tomorrow” ANNIE
Not quite closed AJAR
Noted canal ERIE
Nut or palm variety BETEL
Old stringed instrument LUTE
One way to burn SLOW
One-time Toyota PASEO
Ornament on a shoulder EPAULET
Part of a car rescue TOW
Partner of ranted RAVED
Person in distress DAMSEL
Person living near you NEIGHBOR
Priest’s wear ALB
Product features USES
Puccini delivery ARIA
Puts on TV AIRS
Reason why, to a seamstress? BECAUSEISAIDSEW
Reunion goers ALUMS
Robert of “Jaws” SHAW
Sentimental reminder MEMENTO
South African grassland (var.) VELDT
Tanned thing HIDE
The loneliest number ONE
Top rating AONE
Transplant an orchid REPOT
Twins of “Full House” OLSEN
Vicinity AREA
Warehouse as a verb STOW
What jowls might do SAG
Word with “sing” or “move” ALONG
Zaire, once CONGO