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Universal – Jun 2 2018

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Clues Answers
“-a-” surrounder VIS
“… and seven years ___…” AGO
“Thing” attachment EVERY
“Wherefore ___ thou …” ART
9-to-5, M-F, often OFFICEHOURS
Abrasive stones PUMICES
Acrobat’s lifesaver NET
Actress Spelling TORI
Allow LET
Amphitheater part ARENA
Author Deighton LEN
Baptist leader? ANA
Bemoans or regrets RUES
Big-time litterer CAT
Blade often wet OAR
Breaks under stress GIVES
Caesar’s wrap TOGA
Certain rodents MICE
Coffee shop freebie STIRRER
Curvy letters ESSES
Diminished by MINUS
Do more than disobey REBEL
Dressed to kill NATTY
Elaborate bashes GALAS
Ends of the Earth POLES
Flew-too-close-to-the-sun guy ICARUS
Flour producer MILL
Freezing pies? ESKIMOS
Hair on necks MANES
Harbinger OMEN
Hesitant sounds HAWS
Hodges on first GIL
Inflicting evil MALEFICENCE
It is fancy? TIS
Ladder parts RUNGS
Legolas, for one ELF
Lies under oath PERJURES

Clues Answers
Like a film falcon MALTESE
Like moneyed trucks? ARMORED
Lower in prestige ABASE
Luxurious train car PULLMAN
Makes roads PAVES
Member’s rule, e.g BYLAW
Mimieux of Hollywood YVETTE
More up to the job ABLER
Not moving INERT
Orbital path ARC
Overnight cases VALISES
Pamphlet innards PAGES
Polygon, for one SHAPE
Puck striker STICK
Rains but good POURS
Relieves one’s agitation BECALMS
Rubbish maker TNT
Shake hands on AGREE
Shark sighting FIN
Signaled offstage CUED
Skirt type ALINE
Smiled brilliantly BEAMED
Something a sailor spins TALE
Spotted SEEN
Stat for relievers ERA
State SAY
Sunday dinner dish HAM
Talking insincerely, in slang JIVING
Tank revolver TURRET
They’re masculine MALES
Trellis makeup LATTICEWORK
VapoRub name VICKS
Velocity SPEED
Winter illness FLU
With many small holes POROSE
Yawl duo MASTS
Zee fronter WYE