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Universal – Jun 20 2018

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Clues Answers
“Chute” stick-on PARA
“___ all be over soon” ITLL
Adult elver EEL
Afghanistan coin, once PUL
All U.S. presidents MEN
All-purpose truck UTE
Australian creature WALLAROO
Award on a chest MEDAL
Barnyard animal PIG
Before, romantically ERE
Brief commercials? ADS
Cherry parts STEMS
Chops down FELLS
Cliff bird ERNE
Colleen’s land EIRE
Court appointments PUBLICDEFENDERS
Debt to pay ARREAR
Decay away ROT
Den drug OPIUM
Embellishes ADORNS
Equine, to a child HORSEY
Finish filming WRAP
Finishes ENDS
Generic password ADMIN
Give thought to CONSIDER
Goaltending caller REF
Goes right GEES
Good things to count BLESSINGS
Grand ___ (wine phrase) CRU
Hartford’s st CONN
Hector’s father PRIAM
It’s Tokyo now EDO
John, Luke or Paul, e.g APOSTLE
Like baseball gloves WEBBED
Little Vader ANI
Motion-opposer NAY
Clues Answers
Music style, e.g GENRE
New society girl, briefly DEB
Newspaper issuances EDITIONS
Old PC monitor CRT
Olympic powerhouse USA
One starting something INITIATOR
Ousted Iranian ruler SHAH
Overly curious NOSY
Particle-beam particles IONS
Patent genesis IDEA
Petri dish gels AGARS
Pilotless craft DRONE
Place for two types of shots WESTERNSALOON
Plane-landing guess ETA
Practical USEFUL
Pulpy stuff POMACE
Response elicitors STIMULI
Rover alternative REX
Sash’s first word? MISS
Sci-fi characters ETS
Seasoning amt TSP
Sphere of influence REALM
Straight, briefly HETERO
Student housing DORM
Suffix with “social” ISM
Suppress STIFLE
Theater district RIALTO
They’re brainy CRANIA
Three-ring names BARNUMANDBAILEY
Was sore ACHED
Weak tide NEAP
Weaken or debilitate ENFEEBLE
Wilson of comedies OWEN
Wrestling term PIN
Writing implements PENS
Yemen city ADEN
___ Kong HONG
___ out (reaches limits) MAXES