Universal – Jun 20 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“A Nightmare on ___ Street” ELM
“Explorer” with a friend named Boots DORA
“Holy cow!” MAN
“Pencils down!” TIME
“The Friendly Ghost” CASPER
“Watch your ___” (“Don’t trip”) STEP
“___ curtains for you!” ITS
Absolutely must NEEDTO
Actress Cuthbert ELISHA
Announces with fanfare HERALDS
Bay Area airport code SFO
Bill of Rights advocacy grp ACLU
Charges a customer for things not ordered, say PADSTHEBILL
Cheated in hide-and-seek PEEKED
Coke, but not Sprite COLA
Convent sisters NUNS
Currency of France or Italy EURO
Dairy animal COW
Deer dad STAG
Does the dishes? CATERS
Doesn’t address directly SKATESAROUND
Done the backstroke, say SWUM
Drank some beers HADAFEW
Fish taco spread AIOLI
Fluid channels CONDUITS
Foot curve ARCH
Form letters? IRS
Gas pump rating OCTANE
Get a perfect score on ACE
Give off a false sense of well-being MASKYOURPAIN
Goalie’s success SAVE
Golden State sch. that Will Ferrell attended USC
Hoarse voice RASP
Horseshoe’s figure USHAPE
Ivy in Philly PENN
Jazz great Simone NINA
Kentucky neighbor OHIO
Labor union foes SCABS
Leave out OMIT
Less snug LOOSER
Letter after chi PSI
Magazine edition ISSUE
Make bootees, maybe KNIT
Mickey and Minnie’s co-creator WALT
Military inst. based in Annapolis USNA
N.Y. Rangers’ arena MSG
Neutralize CANCELOUT
Not hold back, as a rant LETRIP
Not yet achieved, as goals UNMET
Old flames EXES
Parts of some sofas and shirts ARMS
Pittsburgh team STEELERS
Princess played by Carrie Fisher LEIA
React to cold SHIVER
Retired judge Lance ITO
Rock’s ___ Speedwagon REO
Seat in a bar STOOL
Solver’s shout AHA
Sound from a lion’s den ROAR
Stereotypical kilt wearer SCOT
Suddenly lose patience SNAP
That’s the kicker! LEG
Three-wheeler, for short TRIKE
Totally flopped LAIDANEGG
Touch-screen accessory STYLUS
Tree common in Florida PALM
Trudge SLOG
Tubular pasta PENNE
TV show snippets CLIPS
What informants may wear WIRES
Word preceding “sea” or “seated” DEEP
Zip, in soccer scores NIL
___ body spray AXE
___ capita PER

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