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Universal – Jun 21 2018

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Clues Answers
“As to” PER
“Caveat ___” EMPTOR
2002 Winter Olympics host USA
4WD rides SUVS
About to arrive FORTHCOMING
Adam Jones, for one ORIOLE
Agua relative EAU
Any pro sports team, e.g FRANCHISE
Ascend RISE
Asian tongue THAI
Audiologist’s study EAR
Bantu language group SOTHO
Be a farrier SHOE
Brazilian destination, briefly RIO
Bring happiness to ELATE
Cambodian spendables RIELS
Castaway’s site ATOLL
Cat’s coating FUR
Chore-list heading TODO
Coal sites SEAMS
Coconut meat COPRA
Concepts IDEAS
David behind “Twin Peaks” LYNCH
Diving attire WETSUIT
Dostoyevsky title character IDIOT
Dull routine RUT
Eliminate gradually (with “out”) PHASE
Elite military unit ATEAM
Farm rover TRACTOR
Fix, as a match RIG
Flurry of commotion ADO
Fly in the face of DEFY
Flyswatter on a farm HORSETAIL
Football’s Merlin OLSEN
Fossil-yielding rock SHALE
Go wrong? ERR
Greeks’ 13th letter THETA
Hearty steak PORTERHOUSE
Clues Answers
Hello with a wave? AHOY
Ho ___ Minh City CHI
In a glib manner PATLY
In style, to Austin Powers MOD
Invest with a trait ENDUE
Ireland, to some EIRE
It’s etched in a cemetery RIP
Like fire pits ASHY
Long-time adversary MORTALENEMY
Meat jelly ASPIC
Mine find ORE
Minstrel’s instrument LUTE
Missing the draft? ALEE
Needing medication ILL
New Mexico’s flower YUCCA
Of the highest extent UTMOST
One state’s welcome ALOHA
Paternity prover DNA
Phi Beta ___ KAPPA
Pirate’s container CHEST
Quilled pen’s target INKHORN
Relatives KIN
Roman month’s first day CALENDS
School subject MATH
Sketched DREW
Some votes AYES
Stat for a boxer REACH
State touching Canada NORTHDAKOTA
Super-old night EEN
Tennis great Gibson ALTHEA
That maiden HER
Thing to play in tennis SET
Tokyo before 1868 EDO
Touch between bases TAG
True thing FACT
Undergrad’s desire DEGREE
Veejay employer, once MTV
Water supplier FAUCET
WSW? No, U-turn ENE