Universal – Jun 21 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Anybody home?” HELLO
“Buy one, get one free,” e.g OFFER
“Smell a rat” or “Have a cow” IDIOM
“Toads cause warts,” e.g MYTH
“Yeah, here’s the deal …” OKLOOK
(Sigh) ALAS
1958 hit No. 1 REBELROUSER
1958 hit No. 2 ROCKINROBIN
72, at Augusta National Golf Club PAR
Alto or tenor VOICE
Annual vaccine target FLU
Arborio and basmati RICES
Austin Powers portrayer Mike MYERS
Barack Obama, astrologically LEO
Belle of the ball, briefly DEB
Belonging to us OUR
Bossa nova’s Mendes SERGIO
Bring back from memory RECALL
Catherine of “Schitt’s Creek” OHARA
CD-___ ROM
Clairvoyance, e.g.: Abbr ESP
Clear, like a windshield DEFOG
Comedy routine BIT
Congregation, metaphorically FLOCK
Coral island ATOLL
Dawn goddess EOS
Eggs on sushi ROE
Elaborate parties FETES
Fatherly Smurf PAPA
Gets “warmer” NEARS
Goof up ERR
Hog heaven? STY
Ice cream flavor No. 1 RUMRAISIN
Ice cream flavor No. 2 ROCKYROAD
Inquire ASK
It’s now known as Mumbai BOMBAY
Jazz great Fitzgerald ELLA
Legal notice? ILLSUE
Like a sullen child POUTY
Love to pieces ADORE
Luau loop LEI
Luxury automobile No. 1 ROLLSROYCE
Luxury automobile No. 2 RANGEROVER
Malice SPITE
Marilyn Monroe mark MOLE
McLaughlin of “Stranger Things” CALEB
Midmonth date IDES
Mixed martial arts org UFC
Mount Olympus residents GODS
Myanmar, once BURMA
Neither fish ___ fowl NOR
Oboes and others REEDS
One to respect ELDER
Part of many a college application ESSAY
Pitcher’s asset ARM
Poi source TARO
Possessive on a towel HERS
Prez who held fireside chats FDR
Prior to, poetically ERE
Prohibition, for one ERA
Put to work USE
Roofing material SLATE
Rug-making apparatus LOOM
Sees the sights TOURS
Sheets of glass PANES
So out it’s in RETRO
Soap-making supplies LYES
Spent after a shopping spree, say TIRED
Suitable rhyme for “ahh” SPA
Thanksgiving root YAM
That, in Tijuana ESO
Three-point lines in basketball, e.g ARCS
Tolerate ABIDE
What you can bank on? ATM
Wheel on a charcuterie board BRIE
Where Jack sat, in a nursery rhyme CORNER
Wreck beyond recognition TOTAL
Wynken, Blynken and Nod, e.g TRIO
Zoomed RACED
___ Moines DES

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