Universal – Jun 22 2018

Clues Answers
“Born as” word NEE
“Box” of valuables SAFEDEPOSIT
“Frozen” queen ELSA
“Plus others” abbr ETC
“The Office” character PAM
“___ right at the light” HANGA
1492 queen ISABELLA
Aggravate RILE
All ___ (listening) EARS
Arsonist, in slang FIREBUG
Autocratic order UKASE
Back muscle, briefly LAT
Be in the picture ACT
Be the best miler OUTDISTANCE
Boogie with your bad self DANCE
Bottom-of-page things FOOTERS
Brings into view REVEALS
Buckets on beaches PAILS
Career con, e.g BADEGG
Caviar ROE
Celebrates EXULTS
Ceremonies RITES
Certain batteries AAS
Charley’s animal? HORSE
Cheer provider FAN
Churlish person LOUT
Cooler cooler ICE
Cornrow relative PLAIT
Emulated a cat MEWED
Famous blind mathematician EULER
Fastened with metal RIVETED
Hawaiian necklace LEI
Heavy rainfall plus DELUGE
Hoisting devices? PETARDS
How to make the honor roll GETAS
Hustle and bustle ADO
Clues Answers
Ice capturers TONGS
Iron component OXIDE
Is inflicted with HAS
Jewelry down low ANKLETS
Large ray MANTA
Like wildlife, really FERAL
Loudness units PHONS
Made a hole in one? DUG
Magician of comics MANDRAKE
Make lean SLANT
Make more elegant REFINE
Moves abacus beads ADDS
Museum filler ART
Neutral shade TAN
One of a movie’s many ROLE
One of the Muses ERATO
Parked it? SAT
Pellets from up high SLEET
Pencil attachment ERASER
Potter’s rabbit PETER
Prayer target DEITY
Prepare for a new crop RESOW
Prime meridian std GST
Round machine part BALLBEARING
Rusty nail danger TETANUS
Sault ____ Marie SAINTE
Sneaker features LACES
Specialist’s patient REFERRAL
Squirreled away item? ACORN
Start to easter? NOR
Strips of everything DENUDES
Three-piece suit part PANTS
Tough elastic tissues GRISTLES
Way more than plain FANCY
Wise saying ADAGE
Without companionship ALONE
Yokels RUBES

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