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Universal – Jun 22 2019

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Clues Answers
“Exit full screen” key ESC
“Make it fast!” ASAP
“Please, mom?” CANI
“Wayne’s World” co-star DANACARVEY
“___: My Story” (Nadal memoir) RAFA
All U.S. presidents, so far MEN
Asks for a doggie treat BEGS
Baby’s mealtime wear BIB
Bicep’s limb ARM
Boatloads ATON
Bygone days PAST
Campfire story TALE
Cartoonist Groening MATT
Change hair color again REDYE
Cicero or Obama ORATOR
Cincinnati team REDS
Competition between defensive backs? SAFETYMATCH
Competition between earthlings? HUMANRACE
Competition between naysayers? NOCONTEST
Competition between servers? WAITINGGAME
Complete mess RATSNEST
Concede as valid ADMIT
Crime lab strands DNA
Deep male voice BASS
Diciembre follower ENERO
Digital music holder IPOD
Discharge EGEST
Do some plowing TILL
Dover fish SOLE
Five-dollar bill prez ABE
From Havana, say CUBAN
Gibbon, for one APE
Golf peg TEE
Grind, as teeth GNASH
Hero in Philly? HOAGIE
Hockey shot sound SLAP
Keg feature SPIGOT
Less furnished BARER
Like most Bahraini Muslims SHIITE
Mahershala of “Green Book” ALI
Mai ___ TAI
More, in Managua MAS
National Museum of Iran locale TEHRAN
Navarro of “The View” ANA
Nonsensical INANE
Noodle shop dish RAMEN
Noteworthy time periods ERAS
Numbskull NITWIT
Ocean motions TIDES
Oktoberfest mugs STEINS
Oktoberfest quaff ALE
Online comment groupings THREADS
Orange eggs on sushi rolls ROE
Org. with many forms IRS
Overly complacent SMUG
Paper towel layer PLY
Pat of “The Karate Kid” MORITA
Posterior HIND
Protesters’ chorus CHANT
Quieted, as a squeak OILED
Refuse to share HOG
Seasoned snail ESCARGOT
Sign of impending doom OMEN
Texts the wrong person, say ERRS
Thinly scattered SPARSE
Thumbs-up vote YEA
Tropical rum cocktail BAHAMAMAMA
Tyler of “The Strangers” LIV
Typical Snapchat users TEENS
Ultimate goal AIM
Waistline measure INCH
Warm embrace HUG
Warm-up exercise STRETCH
What some bars and drinks provide ENERGY
Word with “ear” or “peace” INNER
Yoga posture ASANA
___ artist (scammer) CON
___ nibs (chocolate-tasting bits) CACAO