Universal – Jun 22 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Citizen” in a 1941 film KANE
“So …?” AND
“That’s not the case!” ITISNT
“Tsk” TUT
A white one is very formal TIE
Ale tap’s site PUB
App’s audience members USERS
Apple or orange source TREE
Be first to report something … or what people may do if they 20-, 28- or 48-Across? BREAKTHENEWS
Bear feet PAWS
Bickering ATIT
Blot substance INK
Board game involving sleuthing CLUE
Bouncing baby in Hundred Acre Wood ROO
Buck’s counterpart DOE
Clarinet relative OBOE
Column with a point? OPED
Cranny’s partner NOOK
Didn’t stand for something? SAT
Don’t fail PASS
Drivers’ aids? TEES
Family room seat SOFA
Find the total of ADDUP
For each PER
Gracefully flexible LITHE
Grouch’s exclamation BAH
Hard to come by RARE
Hotel chain owned by Marriott SHERATON
Ice and snow, but not rain SOLIDS
Internet connection at a hotel WIFI
It flows in the Seine EAU
Jacob and Esau, to Ishmael NEPHEWS
Kernel, for one SEED
Knighthood, e.g HONOR
Korean carmaker KIA
Large ball-and-socket joint HIP
Laudatory poem ODE
Lawyer’s charge FEE
Like blue hair DYED
Like Odin and Thor NORSE
Line drawing? SKETCH
Long gone cold period ICEAGE
Make a wrong turn, maybe ERR
Make fun of TAUNT
Makeup exam RETEST
Ocasek of the Cars RIC
One of Pat Nixon’s daughters TRICIA
One of the Bobbsey twins NAN
Over again ANEW
Panama, e.g HAT
Part in a play ROLE
Person full of tribal knowledge ELDER
Places for quick kisses CHEEKS
Poker players’ paper promises IOUS
Position for a golfer STANCE
Pro at filing taxes CPA
Purple flower, perhaps IRIS
Put out of focus BLUR
Reason for a beef recall ECOLI
Rip into TEARAT
Rock with metal ORE
Savings options: Abbr CDS
See 68-Across ERIE
Set of criteria for grading RUBRIC
Situated over ATOP
Socially aware WOKE
Stoner’s joint DOOBIE
They’re all about you EGOTRIPS
Traitor Benedict ARNOLD
Under control INCHECK
Website with auctions EBAY
What an arbor provides SHADE
With 44-Down, body of water by Buffalo LAKE
Word before “ball” or “stick” CUE
Worthy of worship HOLY

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