Universal – Jun 23 2018

Clues Answers
“Farm” attachment STEAD
“Many years ___ …” AGO
Abu ___ DHABI
Ad ___ committee HOC
Alarming code color RED
Apartment units RENTALS
Apothecary weight DRAM
Arabian title, one way EMEER
Aspen footwear? SKI
Assigned chores to TASKED
Attachment to “moron” OXY
Avian grippers TALONS
Bar Mitzvah scroll TORAH
Bar shot SNORT
Be a pain IRK
Big name in video football MADDEN
Bona fide? No FAKE
Businesses, cut COS
Calculating sort CPA
Canary look-alike SERIN
Cartridge type INKJET
Certain diamond player BASEMAN
Chuck Berry’s thing ROCKANDROLL
Clever humor WIT
Consumed ATE
De-classify? EXPEL
Deep opera singers BASSI
Denver or Baltimore, e.g CITY
English assignment ESSAY
Evicted BOOTED
First Czech Republic president HAVEL
Flag holders MASTS
Flaky minerals MICAS
Gossipy sorts YENTAS
Greek goddess of wisdom ATHENA
Hall’s pop partner OATES
Clues Answers
Hindu clergy member SADHU
Home of Minutemen UMASS
Howard in “Mayberry R.F.D.” SPRAGUE
In one group ENMASSE
It can’t come full circle ARC
Kids break it for candy PINATA
Kobe’s money YEN
Light, flimsy boat COCKLESHELL
Like waists and tires BELTED
Maldives and Seychelles ISLANDS
Milky Way-ish ASTRAL
More than decorative UTILE
New York island STATEN
One at Circus Maximus ROMAN
Part of a 31-Down omelet? OVA
Porthole’s vista OCEAN
Poser of questions ASKER
Prescribed amount DOSE
Puts in numerical order RANKS
Quick time period SEC
Red Delicious and Stayman APPLES
Respectful Indian title SAHIB
Retracted, as words EATEN
Run-scoring “fly,” cut SAC
Saving for tomorrow SOCKINGAWAY
Skeptic’s sounds HAHS
Southern veggie OKRA
Successfully avoided EVADED
Talks misleadingly, old-slang JIVES
Tavern offering ALE
This crossword’s is ock THEME
To the rear of ABAFT
Tool for Patrick Kane HOCKEYSTICK
Unrelenting pain AGONY
Voice lesson topics TRILLS
Withholds pay from DOCKS

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