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Universal – Jun 24 2018

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Clues Answers
“Better ___ nothing” THAN
“Laugh-In” guy ROWAN
“No ___ an island” MANIS
“Patriot” end ISM
“Riders of the Purple ___” SAGE
“Steady as ___ goes” SHE
4,000-plus square meters ACRE
Aerie young’un EAGLET
Affleck-directed film ARGO
Animated 64-Across guy STU
Animated bar owner MOE
Blackmail stuff THREATS
Buttery? Kinda OLEO
Certain boater CANOEIST
Chopped dish HASH
Cohort of Cosmo and George ELAINE
Concorde jet SST
Cosmetics overseer FDA
Cpl. or sgt., e.g NCO
Cut quickly SNIP
Destroyed Palmyran monument ARCHOFTRIUMPH
Diplomat’s asset TACT
Doesn’t stay in stock SELLS
Ferocious creature LION
Fleur-de-___ LIS
Four-legged housemate CAT
Game with it? TAG
Illegal puff TOKE
In a crazed frenzy AMOK
Individual beings SELVES
Insulting center? ULT
Kids’ card game WAR
Kinda good NOTBAD
Like MP3 players, not CD players ANTISKIP
Making leave (with “away”) SPIRITING
Massive river creature HIPPO
Maternally related ENATE
Clues Answers
Money supplier ATM
Musical pause REST
Not messy NEAT
Penn of films KAL
Pentathlon swords EPEES
Per each one APIECE
Pitcher’s place MOUND
Place to dance DISCO
Poem form ODE
Popular cookies OREOS
Prefix with “maniac” EGO
Prepare for a photo POSE
Remote abbr VOL
Removing power DIVESTING
Scientist Geiger HANS
Show clearly EVINCE
Signer’s tool PEN
Small measurement INCH
Spaces between things GAPS
Spanish farewell ADIOS
Species GENERA
Stick out PROTRUDE
Suit size LONG
Thing on your nerves PEST
Thurman of “Kill Bill” UMA
Troy, N.Y., university RPI
True north? No, but close ENE
Turnips or carrots ROOTCROP
Unit of eight OCTET
Vaulted places? BANKS
Very large birds EMUS
Whistle veggie? PEA
With more jitters EDGIER
Word with “keg” POWDER
___ Domingo SANTO
___ pork (Chinese meal) MOOSHU