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Universal – Jun 25 2018

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Clues Answers
“Cogito ___ sum” ERGO
“I ___ hear a thing” DIDNT
“Quit it!” STOP
’60s war setting, briefly NAM
2.47 acres HECTARE
Ain’t right? ISNT
All dried out SERE
Altercation RUNIN
Angelic symbol HALO
Appellations NAMES
Arrange in order SORT
Artistic category GENRE
Bad thing for a marathoner SHORTWINDEDNESS
Be harsh on the nose REEK
Before in there? ERE
Boat’s backbone KEEL
Brother of Jacob ESAU
Brushes aside IGNORES
Business abbr CORP
Cafe order LATTE
Car roof rack item SKI
Certain Jamaican RASTA
Checker move of old? TWIST
Chew like a rabbit GNAW
Complete collections SETS
Daily intake SUPPER
Did less than demanded ASKED
Dunlop offerings TIRES
Fails to keep pace LAGS
Farm output CROP
FBI operative GMAN
Freudian subjects EGOS
Full of excitement AGOG
FX technology CGI
Goofy oaf SHMO
Grayish, facially ASHEN
Handles USES
Clues Answers
Hawaiian island OAHU
Head-turning whisper PSST
Hebrides isle SKYE
Hershey’s treats KISSES
Hold spellbound RAVISH
House music variety TECHNO
Impeding the progress of SHORTCIRCUITING
Is in the red OWES
Italian bowling ball BOCCE
Judge or Paul AARON
Keyboard key ENTER
Light metallic sound TING
Little harvester ANT
Low-end instrument BASS
Master of illusions MAGICIAN
Minor bills? ONES
Noodle or bean NOGGIN
Obviously frigid ICY
Orator’s crowd-pleaser? ALONGSTORYSHORT
Orderly NEAT
Pivot SLUE
Poirot actor USTINOV
Positive replies YESES
Puts together RIGSUP
Region AREA
Rene of “Nightcrawler” RUSSO
Rumbler with a load SEMI
Ships as pronouns SHES
Shopping emporium STORE
Some Met songs ARIAS
Sonnet finale? EER
Steps to the Ganges GHAT
Suffix with “ideal” ISM
Surface again REEMERGE
Twosome DUO
Wine word CRU
Wise intellectuals SAGES
Yuletide item TREE