Universal – Jun 25 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Certainly!” YES
“Doctor Who” network BBC
“Don’t give the answer away yet!” LETMEGUESS
“Game, ___, match” SET
“Life ___ fair” ISNT
“Shoot!” CRUD
‘Merica, with “the” USOFA
(Taps watch) YOURELATE
Aired again RERAN
Amount to take DOSAGE
Awry OFF
Band with the album “High Voltage” ACDC
Bathrooms, in Bristol LOOS
Began dealing (with) CAMETOGRIPS
Bilbo’s cousin FRODO
Buddhist child on “The Simpsons” LISA
CDs’ precursors LPS
Childish big-time challenge TRIPLEDOGDARE
City hidden in “local anesthetic” OCALA
Cry to a fleeing pickpocket STOPTHIEF
Cut with acid ETCH
Dapper ___ (designer) DAN
Extravagant promotion HYPE
Former Communist leader Zhou ENLAI
Four-award achievement, briefly EGOT
Fuss ADO
German for “a” EIN
Glass of public radio IRA
Grinnell College’s state IOWA
He didn’t defeat Truman, despite a 1948 headline DEWEY
It excludes private social interactions PUBLICLIFE
It often has a custom reed OBOE
Jane with the line “Reader, I married him” EYRE
Jazz org NBA
Journal opener DEARDIARY
Journalist Weihua CHEN
Keats wrote one to autumn ODE
Lassie trailer? TAIL
Lavish love (on) DOTE
LDS-sponsored school BYU
Mocking expression SNEER
Neither here ___ there NOR
Not single-gender COED
Noticed SEEN
Obligation DUTY
On the waves ASEA
Order a pizza, maybe EATIN
Parrot’s enclosure CAGE
Piercing tools AWLS
Plead BEG
Pop star Minogue KYLIE
Quench SLAKE
Question of identity WHOAREYOU
Reacted to a morning alarm AROSE
Really liked DUG
Rents out LETS
Semicircular church section APSE
Sensed the tension in the air FELTIT
Smoothie berry ACAI
Solves, say DOES
Sticker on a wall? SUCTIONCUP
Title biker gang in a former FX drama SONSOFANARCHY
Top-notch servers TENNISACES
Underground groups SECRETSOCIETIES
Unknown poster: Abbr ANON
Watches carefully EYES
Worn-down pencil NUB
___ 500 INDY
___ Tuesday TACO

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