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Universal – Jun 26 2018

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Clues Answers
“Be it ___ so humble …” EVER
“I’m ___ to go” READY
“To the max” stick-on EST
“Winkle” add-on PERI
60 yards, to 120 yards HALFTHEDISTANCE
Acid variety SULFURIC
Alter things EGOS
Annoyingly smart TOOCLEVERBYHALF
Any landlord LESSOR
Argued a case PLED
Bard of ___ AVON
Baroque instrument LUTE
Be artistic with metal ETCH
Bear’s abode DEN
Bejewel ADORN
Big part of old maps USSR
Bitterly harsh ACERB
Broken mirror, to some OMEN
Build up interest? SAVE
Bushels ALOT
Cassowary relative RHEA
Cat’s scratcher CLAW
Celestial sphere ORB
Cheese variety EDAM
Compensate for OFFSET
Con’s digs CELL
Copy, cut REPRO
Dog hitchhiker FLEA
Dump or toss SCRAP
Egyptian river NILE
Entrance allower DOOR
Expensive pictures ART
Fancy dress material TOILE
Fancy pitchers EWERS
Fishing boat DORY
Clues Answers
Fixes rips SEWS
Freshly wakened ASTIR
Fruity pastry TART
Genre with aliens SCIFI
Gets up STANDS
Grand number? THOU
Grapefruit relative UGLI
Grazing plants HERBAGES
Hazardous RISKY
Highly proficient ADEPT
Hotel amenity SPA
Imaginative tale CONTE
In the raw NUDE
It has a twist IRONY
Jimi Hendrix heightener AFRO
Juno’s counterpart HERA
Like sports cars SLEEK
Lily variety CALLA
Many trees ELMS
Meek mamas EWES
Miscalculates ERRS
More sick ILLER
Not fit to drive HALFINTOXICATED
Old “before” ERE
Pandora’s releasees ILLS
Picks up in the head LEARNS
Protester’s word UNFAIR
Quaint lodgings INN
River deposits SILTS
Scavenger on the beach GULL
Smith or Haley ALEX
Stiffness RIGOR
Texas city LAREDO
Trusted confidant CRONY
Wispy white clouds CIRRI
Work dice ROLL