Universal – Jun 27 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Greetings, fellow gardeners! I’m happy to report that everything’s ___.” COMINGUPROSES
“Likewise” SODOI
“Luckily, my replacement blooms grew in beautifully. In fact, I was inspired to ___ by planting an extra row!” GILDTHELILY
“So Sick” singer NEYO
“Thanks for listening to my ___!” FLOWERYSPEECH
“Things looked bad after I clumsily trampled my blooms. ___!” OOPSIEDAISY
“You can have that” KEEPIT
Acronymic Swedish band ABBA
Actor/rapper in “SVU” ICET
Burn application ALOE
Comics squeal EEK
Committee type ADHOC
Determined to do SETON
Devoured ATEUP
Dislike A LOT HATE
Do sum math? ADD
Dodgeball venue GYM
Eight-member band OCTET
Error in an email TYPO
Flashback setting PAST
Follow behind TAIL
Follow behind TRAIL
Four Corners tribe UTE
French magazine or pronoun ELLE
Frida Kahlo portraits, e.g ART
Go to the mall SHOP
Go toe-to-toe SPAR
Head light? HALO
Help wanted notices, e.g ADS
How you might browse Netflix IDLY
In times gone by AGO
Insect drawn to a porch light MOTH
Insurer with a gecko mascot GEICO
Kayaks and yachts BOATS
Key also called Return ENTER
Like fuzzy bread MOLDY
Line on a sleeve HEM
Little fellow LAD
Mad crowd MOB
Marsupial with two opposable thumbs per front paw KOALA
Minifigure maker LEGO
Misplace LOSE
Nickname within “Swiss Alps” SAL
No particular amount ANY
Not snoozing AWAKE
On the horizon AHEAD
Part of DJ DISC
Place to monitor mph DASH
Princess topper TIARA
Puppy’s protest YELP
Regard DEEM
Revered tribal figure ELDER
Santa’s sleigh, for one SLED
Says farewell BIDSADIEU
Season opener? PRE
Self-promote, say BRAG
Shawarma bread PITA
Sign by a sample TRYME
Skilled ADEPT
Soft-serve carrier CONE
Sports highlight speed, at times SLOMO
Star hunter ORION
Start to “rock” and “roll” BED
Surface extent AREA
Surfers flock to its North Shore OAHU
Swag bag TOTE
Swan dive’s ugly relative BELLYFLOP
Switch back to zero RESET
Talking up enthusiastically HYPING
Teamwork obstacles EGOS
Trick alternative TREAT
Trilogy’s final number III
Underground lava MAGMA
Was dishonest LIED
What catches some waves? RADIO
You can bet on them ODDS
___ log (Christmas cake) YULE

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