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Universal – Jun 29 2018

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Clues Answers
“Dream on!” ASIF
“Quiet down!” HUSH
“Tres ___!” CHIC
“What’s more …” AND
“___ come at a cost” ITLL
1, for one DIGIT
Accumulated traditions LORE
Accustom to difficulties INURE
Achilles’ mom THETIS
Actor’s gig ROLE
Ad-___ (improvise) LIB
Already resolved, as a point MOOT
Archaeological excavation DIG
Assorted things, cut MISC
Bake in sauce ESCALLOP
Battery part ANODE
Be incorrect ERR
Belgrade residents SERBS
Catty comment PURR
Certain singing voice ALTO
Charcuterie purveyor DELI
Cheer sound RAH
Chinese city SHANGHAI
Click beetle ELATER
Comparable AKIN
Copy, cut REPRO
Corp. division DEPT
Corpulent OBESE
Culmination APOGEE
Delicate clouds WISPS
Disguised, cut INCOG
Encircles GIRDS
Encroachment INROAD
Exercise, as power WIELD
Exigencies NEEDS
Clues Answers
First man in paradise ADAM
Flitted DARTED
Game show freebie Partingpresent
Golfer’s hazard TRAP
Had dinner at home ATEIN
Hearty entree item LAMBCHOP
Hip-related ILIAC
In the near future, old ANON
It’s wrapped. Shocked? SURPRISEPACKAGE
La ___ (opera house) SCALA
Like some pets during trips KENNELED
Lingering hurt ACHE
Meticulousness CARE
Mexican coin PESO
Mishmash OLIO
Moved a dinghy OARED
Peruvian “City of Kings” LIMA
Pinnacle TOP
Powerful suffix EST
Quick alphabet run GHI
Quid ___ quo PRO
Schuss SKI
Set in one’s ways RIGID
Short memo NOTE
Shortstop’s gaffe ERROR
Skirmish BATTLE
Skydiving necessity, cut CHUTE
Some fraternity letters ETAS
Speeder tracker RADAR
Student of Socrates PLATO
Sushi form ROLL
Tap, as a back PAT
Tardy LATE
Third Greek letter GAMMA
U-turn from not much ALOT
Utter confusion CHAOS
You can bank on it ATM