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Universal – Jun 3 2018

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Clues Answers
“Concert” attendees GOERS
“Don’t count ___!” ONIT
“Found it!” AHA
“Glengarry ___ Ross” GLEN
“Much to my surprise …” ODDLY
Add fringe to EDGE
Airport guesses ETAS
Anxious ANTSY
Arched recess APSE
Ball filler AIR
Bane of pool owners ALGAE
Bass on 5 lines CLEF
Blood blocker CLOT
Call a travel REF
Camel’s rest stop OASIS
Car cleaner RAG
Causes injury to HARMS
Clinic name MAYO
Coated with calcium oxide LIMY
Come to terms AGREE
Consequently ERGO
Cotton bundlers BALERS
Crazy enthusiasm MANIA
Debts’ opposites ASSETS
Drain of courage UNMAN
Duplicate, briefly REPRO
Eyelid annoyance STYE
FBI workers AGENTS
Firstborn ELDEST
Formal orders WRITS
Former flames EXES
Genie’s offering WISH
Go to the dogs? MUSH
Hitch or shift STINT
Increase GROW
Innuendos HINTS
Inquires ASKS
Instrument that wails SAX

Clues Answers
Intelligence SMARTS
Israeli Moshe DAYAN
Jeans name LEVI
Just say “I was in Jersey then,” e.g READYMADEEXCUSE
Kind of asst ADMIN
Lag behind TRAIL
Level EVEN
Like a trendy cafe ARTSY
Like an airhead (var.) DITSY
Math function SINE
No longer into OVER
Not tight LOOSE
Oboe ancestor SHAWM
One against ANTI
One who can’t keep keys? TONEDEAF
Online naysayer TROLL
Operating system type UNIX
Packing one’s holder FIREARMSHOLSTER
Pasture sounds BAAS
Playground toy SEESAW
Plural of 48-Down OASES
Rocket ship part NOSECONE
Santa follower? ANA
Seed cover ARIL
Siberian city OMSK
Singer Simone NINA
Solo vocal piece ARIA
Spring flower IRIS
Swallow’s home NEST
Telemarketer’s goals SALES
Tilted, in England LEANT
To the left, for starters? LEVO
Top point ACME
Totally confused LOST
Try to swat a tater AIMFORTHEFENCES
Type of “bag” SWAG
Where to find a Cork EIRE
Winking while talking SLY