Universal – Jun 30 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“99 Luftballons” singer NENA
“Behave!,” or a hint to the letter changes needed to understand the starred clues MINDYOURPSANDQS
“OMG, sooo funny!!” LMAO
“Square” part of a diet MEAL
“Yipes!” EEK
(I have a secret to share!) PSST
*One may have “ESQ” on their business card CLAIRVOYANT
A rock, for a crow, sometimes TOOL
Animal in the family Giraffidae OKAPI
Any episode of “I Love Lucy,” now RERUN
Ascot, e.g TIE
Ax relative: Var ADZ
Banks on a runway TYRA
Buggy releases BETAS
Bunk option TOP
ChapStick target LIP
Checkout line unit ITEM
Chiding sound TSK
Coffee add-in CREAM
D.C. baseball player NAT
Desired answer to “Will you marry me?” YES
Diva’s solos ARIAS
Doll, e.g TOY
Dropped, like spirits SANK
Finds it impossible CANNOT
Flavor enhancer: Abbr MSG
Genesis garden EDEN
Gold medal-winning gymnast Lee SUNI
Guys MEN
Hypes (up) AMPS
I-, O– or N— ION
It’s in your genes DNA
Jay or Joy NAME
Jewish scroll in a case MEZUZAH
Joke on a valentine, often PUN
Just barely ATAD
Keanu’s role in “The Matrix” NEO
Like volcanic rock IGNEOUS
Little marcher ANT
Magazines, radio and the like MEDIA
Neither companion NOR
One leader? UNI
Owns HAS
Paid athlete PRO
Parasitic sort LEECH
Piece of clicking footwear TAPSHOE
Play’s first section ACTI
Pollen pouch SAC
Pool’s hue AQUA
Post-OR destination ICU
Raggedy Andy’s sister ANN
Refinery shipment ORE
Shiny mineral in some makeup MICA
Site with a “What to Watch” guide IMDB
Six or seven, for a first-grader, often AGE
Sleep concern APNEA
Sound from a baby COO
Sticky stuff GOO
Stimulate PIQUE
Talk and talk and talk DRONEON
Tattled about TOLDON
The “M” of STEM MATH
This puzzle’s will soon be revealed! THEME
Tissue box word PLY
Tolkien’s Treebeard, for one ENT
Trio of trios NONET
Turn suddenly VEER
Valley called the “Garden of France” LOIRE
What a biathlete takes AIM
Word after “sky” or before “seas” HIGH
___ it on the line LAY
___ Stanley (traveler in an envelope) FLAT
___-Cat (winter vehicle) SNO

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