Universal – Jun 5 2018

Clues Answers
“Chi” preceder TAI
“Grand” productions OPERAS
“Lion King” villain SCAR
“This is ___ a test” ONLY
Actress Spelling TORI
Any annex ADDON
Australian sheepdog KELPIE
Back on board? AFT
Before next week TODAY
Bell sounds CLANGS
Bicarbonate of ___ SODA
Blazing AFIRE
Bones you swing ULNAE
Broadway construction STAGESET
Calculating snake? ADDER
Carolers’ seasons YULES
Cause wonder AWE
Chairperson’s list AGENDA
Comeback RALLY
Con’s prefix? NEO
Cream alternative GEL
Dairy case items YOGURTS
Deletes ERASES
Divided skirt CULOTTE
Eclectic mix OLIO
Exploit USE
Feminine pronoun HER
Finger-cymbal player BELLYDANCER
Flora’s go-with FAUNA
Fries order LARGE
Garb, threads or getup DUDS
Gaucho’s entanglers BOLAS
Gilpin of “Frasier” PERI
Give up, as land CEDE
Goat-footed deity SATYR
Hostel relative INN
In a tight spot STUCK

Clues Answers
It has several courses FEAST
Kid in the family SIS
La Brea gunk TAR
LAX estimate ETA
Least likely to attack TAMEST
Let flow POURED
Like a ready grill LIT
Like good tools UTILE
Long ride? BUS
Lowly digit ONE
Mesmerizing speaker SPELLBINDER
Messenger molecule RNA
Nap sacks? BEDS
One for the off-road UTE
Owned apt CONDO
Plato or Carvey DANA
Projecting window ORIEL
Pub-crawler’s drink NOG
Pushing 90 OLD
Quartets? Less TRIOS
Range ridges ARETES
Recipe amt TSP
River mouth DELTA
Shoulder-tap a dancer CUTIN
Slippery tree ELM
Stir up RILE
Story teller NARRATOR
Strange EERIE
Stupendous STELLAR
Time to clam up? LOWTIDE
Twain character SAWYER
Vast grassy plain LLANO
With good intentions WELLMEANING
Wrongful acts, in law TORTS

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