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Universal – Jun 7 2018

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Clues Answers
“Firma” go-with TERRA
“It’s ___ cry from …” AFAR
“No” person ANTI
“Smart” guy, not really ALEC
“Sweet!” NICE
“___ out a living” EKES
1/6 of an oz TSP
Abbr. packing info NTWT
Agrees to a deal, dentist-style? ACCEPTSAAHOFFER
All individually EACH
Animal fur PELAGE
Apartment, you hippie PAD
Auction word SOLD
Being an honest dentist? TELLINGTHETOOTH
Big-time oil name HESS
Black tea PEKOE
Bridge material STEEL
Changes color DYES
Colorful eye part UVEA
Cook’s wear APRON
Cruise vehicle BOAT
Cry of alarm OHNO
Destiny FATE
Elmo, for one SAINT
Fabled lumberjack BUNYAN
Fury IRE
Future-prince creature FROG
Genuine REAL
Grand instrument PIANO
Grub out EAT
Had little piggies FARROWED
Hammering god THOR
Head wetter RAIN
Is not mistake-proof ERRS
It helps make a stand LEG
Keep in boxes STORE
Like old wine barrels OAKY

Clues Answers
Litter members PUPS
Mouthy kid BRAT
Munro’s alias SAKI
Non-spendable buck STAG
Non-weighed container TARE
Not a certainty IFFY
Not harmful BENIGN
Not just shouldn’t MUSTNT
Not most LEAST
Not once NEVER
Opera highlight ARIA
Paged, old-style BEEPED
Parking area part LOTA
Possession question WHOSE
Prevalent article THE
Prove useful to AVAIL
Quilted creation DUVET
Rod alternative STAFF
Sans guarantee ASIS
Says confidently AVERS
Scottish hillside BRAE
Scouting unit TROOP
Shoe preserver TREE
Shoot up GROW
Soft palate thing UVULA
Some precious stones BERYLS
Sound of wonderment OOH
St. ___ Girl beer PAULI
Suffix with “soft” WARE
TD boundary GOALLINE
U-turn from adept BADAT
U-turn from better WORSE
Warm suit material TWEED
Watery arm INLET
What every atlas has MAPS
What the dentist gave a new patient? DRILLYRECEPTION
Where all kidding goes? ASIDE