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Universal – Jun 8 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Do it this way” LIKESO
“It’s cold!” BRR
“Stranger Things” character whose name is a number ELEVEN
“___ to Joy” ODE
“___, no hands!” LOOKMA
27-Across, in Mexico UNO
Adjacent side/hypotenuse, in trig COS
Berry in a purple smoothie ACAI
Brand that used hamsters to sell its Soul KIA
Competed in a dash RAN
Comprehends GETS
Corridor HALL
Depleted Asian sea ARAL
Door joints HINGES
Double-reed instrument OBOE
Dr. Jones, familiarly INDY
Experience turbulence, maybe FLY
Fairy tale beginning ONCE
Finish by ENDAT
Former leader of Iran SHAH
Former NBA center Ming YAO
Freezes ICES
Got up STOOD
Gotten up ARISEN
Grieves MOURNS
Group often preached to CHOIR
Gumbo vegetable OKRA
Hubbub ADO
Impulsive RASH
K’NEX pieces with teeth GEARS
King Kong, e.g APE
Klutz OAF
Like some water rescues AIRSEA
Little rascals IMPS
Looking for a home, or a theme hint HOUSEHUNTING
Loud, harsh sound BLARE
Milk container CARTON
Mork and E.T., e.g ALIENS
Motion starter? PRO
Name on a deli menu REUBEN
National tree of Canada MAPLE
Number on the back of a dime ONE
Opera solo ARIA
Person with all the sheets BEDHOG
Place to get a massage SPA
Pronoun for a blended family OURS
Protestant religious organization (… letters 6-10) LUTHERANCHURCH
Qatari city by the Persian Gulf DOHA
QB’s mistake INT
Quaker morsel OAT
Reaction to cuteness AWW
Right away, for short ASAP
Said “dada,” for example SPOKE
Scout’s badge holder SASH
Scrabble GO, e.g APP
Scrape covering SCAB
Sierra Nevada lake TAHOE
Snatch NAB
Something passed after saying “Psst!” NOTE
Sound such as “Mwahahaha!” (In this answer, see letters 2-6) EVILLAUGHTER
Spanish for “more” MAS
Spicy sushi condiment WASABI
Spot to serve slop STY
Stack of papers? REAM
Stagehands GRIPS
Suggest POSIT
Swish maker in basketball NET
Takes by force USURPS
Time-sensitive URGENT
Towed auto, perhaps REPO
What some patients seek before surgery (… letters 3-7) SECONDOPINIONS
Yang’s opposite YIN
___ Brook, N.Y STONY
___ dot (clothing spot) POLKA
___ Fools’ Day APRIL
___-done (steak option) WELL