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Universal – Jun 9 2018

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Clues Answers
“Depend” end ENT
“I’ll wait for your call” PHONEME
“Musket” suffix EER
“Oedipus ___” REX
“___ and Greg” (sitcom) DHARMA
15th of some months IDES
37-Down gerunded up HOPING
A possessive HIS
Actor McKellen IAN
Anger IRE
Ante matter? BET
Applies, as jam SPREADS
Ashes storer URN
Be a borrower OWE
Be wishful HOPE
Before in here? ERE
Boats for heavy loads BARGES
Bone of contention RUB
Bygone beloved Brit QUEENMOTHER
Car stat MPG
Carefree adventure LARK
Chest expanders LUNGS
City-involved URBAN
Civil War battle, now REENACTMENT
Corpulent OBESE
Cover story ALIBI
Cup edge BRIM
Damage HARM
Diary note ENTRY
Did well on ACED
Earth-bird only? EMU
Eavesdrop HEAR
Elite Army group GREENBERETS
English county ESSEX
Famous deer BAMBI
Fancy-free? STAID
Fish net SEINE
Genetic letters DNA
Clues Answers
Guinness and Baldwin ALECS
Gym rat’s pride PHYSIQUE
Have involvement with BEENGAGEDIN
Hoedown honey GAL
Hysterical MANIC
Industry big shot BARON
Jet heading, sometimes ENE
Kind of angle OBTUSE
Like a stuffed hold LADEN
Medicinal shrubs SENNAS
Member of the family SON
Modelers manipulate them CLAYS
Nut for a pie PECAN
One-eyed deity ODIN
Open to question MOOT
Owl-speak HOOTS
Pass through a membrane OSMOSE
Pay-off target DEBT
Pitcher’s stat ERA
Places for gamblers CASINOS
Poem part CANTO
Raps musically? No KNOCKS
Single occurrence INSTANCE
Slithery fish EEL
Small bird, small name PEWEE
Some narcotics OPIATES
Some pet-speak MEOWS
Street-smart, e.g CANNY
Swiss city BERNE
Thin-sounding TINNY
Thing to tone BODY
Time for home projects WEEKEND
Type of acid AMINO
Type of currency CRYPTO
U.K. network BBC
Very small TEENSY
What aces can be ONES
What contacts contact CORNEA