Universal – Jun 9 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Anything broken?” YOUOK
“By yesterday!” ASAP
“I swear!” HONEST
“I’m not listening!” LALALA
“Let your ___ flag fly!” FREAK
“No bid” IPASS
“No booze provided” initials BYOB
“State Fair” state IOWA
“The Gift of the Magi” author OHENRY
“The Hobbit” hobbit BILBO
“TiK ToK” content creator? KESHA
“Um, I’m right here” AHEM
“You win” ILOSE
“___ we forget …” LEST
2020 sci-fi movie with a palindromic title TENET
Back-to-back move in square dancing DOSIDO
Bags of potatoes SACKS
Barbecue residue ASH
Bouncers check them IDS
Break into, like a computer HACK
Cat’s rest NAP
Civil rights icon Parks ROSA
Close-fitting TIGHT
Cloud site SKY
Clumsy person OAF
College degs. for history majors BAS
Crowds around MOBS
Dressed (in) CLAD
Drunk, informally LIT
Elaborate event BIGDO
Espionage expert SPY
Felipe, Matty or Jesus of MLB fame ALOU
Garment worn in Mumbai SARI
Girl in “The Last of Us” video games ELLIE
Good, long cry? WHOOP
Gunk GOO
Hatcher of “Desperate Housewives” TERI
In a crowd of AMIDST
Insects in a 1998 Pixar film ANTS
Laugh and a half RIOT
Longtime forensic show CSI
Lover’s question upon returning MISSME
Maze runner LABRAT
Moscow ___ (cocktail) MULE
No. 1 Hun ATTILA
Norway neighbor SWEDEN
On ___ (without a contract) SPEC
On-___ switch OFF
Open up like a buttercup BLOOM
Organ with a canal EAR
Part of UAE ARAB
Plasma screens, e.g., and a hint to 17-, 24-, 49- and 58-Across DIGITALDISPLAYS
Possess OWN
Previously AGO
Purse with a double F logo FENDIBAG
Restroom at a pub LOO
Scary time for Caesar IDES
Singer Grande, to fans ARI
Softball stat RBI
T-bone, for one STEAK
Thanksgiving vegetables YAMS
They may be accompanied by “Go, Texas!” HOOKEMHORNS
They may be accompanied by “Great job!” TWOTHUMBSUP
They may be accompanied by “Make love, not war!” PEACESIGNS
They may be accompanied by “Pew pew pew!” FINGERGUNS
Trojans’ or Gamecocks’ sch USC
Tweet’s number of replies vs. likes, e.g RATIO
Untroubled SERENE
Up to now YET
Upsilon follower PHI
Word after “smell” or “taste” TESTS
___ and dined WINED
___ Vegas Aces LAS

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