Universal – Mar 1 2018

Clues Answers
“20/20” broadcaster ABC
’80s pop instrument SYNTH
Altar statement IDO
Attitude or mood STATEOFMIND
Ballfield covers TARPS
Bodily pouch SAC
Breathing problem APNEA
Bullet holes center? ETH
Chinese ideal TAO
City in northern Italy MANTUA
Collector’s collection SET
Crazy-expensive boat YACHT
Cultural character ETHOS
Does cryptography DECODES
Doubting one THOMAS
Drops fur SHEDS
Dryly amusing DROLL
Egg maker OVARY
Employ a silver tongue ORATE
Fallings-out RIFTS
Flexible tempo RUBATO
French green bean HARICOT
Give thought to PONDER
Gob’s yes AYE
Gobble up EAT
Hang on a clothesline DRY
Harvester or carpenter ANT
Has come to light ARISEN
Hazards for a 65-Across REEFS
Huge brass instruments TUBAS
Importers’ duties TARIFFS
Informal yes YEAH
Is sympathetic CARES
It’s the best policy HONESTY
Just claim to an invention Patentright
Clues Answers
Leather piercer AWL
Let go FREE
Liberate from restraints UNTIE
Like a thick carpet PLUSH
Like many winter days SNOWY
Lip application GLOSS
Loses freshness STALES
Lounge LOLL
Lure like a sneak ROPEIN
Lured, as a trout? BAITED
Many-legged crawler CATERPILLAR
McDonald’s logo ARCHES
Name on a check PAYEE
No. crunching one CPA
Not old NEW
Not plentiful SCANT
O’Neill title character ICEMAN
On the ball AWARE
Ones in until the end LIFERS
Online address URL
Production studio knob FADER
Provo’s state UTAH
Relinquish, as an office DEMIT
Required NEEDED
Send to another doctor REFER
Shock absorber kin STRUT
Shopper’s necessity BAG
Sidestepped EVADED
Small plateaus MESAS
Soak up again, as liquid RESORB
Some cigars CORONAS
Swift, short attack FORAY
Thing from the heart AORTA
Thing to wait with BATEDBREATH
Trashy newspaper RAG
Wasp abode NEST
Water carrier PAIL

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