Universal – Mar 10 2018

Clues Answers
“… down and ___ go!” ONETO
“Right now!” ASAP
“The Lion King” character SIMBA
Action film staple HERO
After-school org PTA
Anti or semi PREFIX
Beverage by the yard ALE
Certain MLB player PADRE
Church topper SPIRE
Cleopatra’s Antony MARC
Create a link with TIEINTO
Critter’s stomach MAW
Dazed and confused ASEA
Deck (out) TOG
Diamond and Young NEILS
Dickinson and others ANGIES
Disposable hanky TISSUE
Doing CIA work SPYING
Dug in ATE
Empty-___ (one with kids gone) NESTER
Enter gradually EASEIN
Exxon, once ESSO
Feb. 14 color RED
Fertilizer ingredient NITRATE
Gluck and others ALMAS
Hook up another worm? REBAIT
Indian wrap SARI
Insects in the cocoon stage PUPAE
Invitation request RSVP
It’s waited for TIP
Jackson and Puente TITOS
Lawn maker SOD
Left, onboard APORT
Like a cordial greeting WARM
Literary typos ERRATA
Look great jumping from planes? BEAPARASIGHT
Clues Answers
Lord’s Prayer opening OUR
Marshmallows roasting? CAMPINGSIGHT
Meat turners SPITS
Mexican shawls SERAPES
Misstepped ERRED
Nonsensical writings TRIPES
Not like at all DESPISE
Old anesthetic ETHER
Old TV show RERUN
One for the road AUTO
Opposite of nigh AFAR
Permissions to leave dioceses EXEATS
Pizazz STYLE
Place to get pampered SPA
Poke fun at TEASE
Poker payoff POT
Possible elector VOTER
Potential builders? SITEREADERS
Pre-cal course TRIG
Pup or dome TENT
Quick-to-build house PREFAB
Roofing material TIN
Scratching tools RASPS
Soaks in gravy SOPS
Spirited mount STEED
Stairway to a river GHAT
Sword holder SHEATH
Tandoori products NAANS
Tati’s Monsieur HULOT
Thin nail BRAD
This-and-that mixture OLIO
Versatile cutting tool SABERSAW
Way through the forest PATH
Well-known garden EDEN
Where to start construction? ATFIRSTSITE

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