Universal – Mar 12 2018

Clues Answers
“500 words or less,” e.g LIMIT
“Besides which …” ALSO
“By Jove!” EGADS
“Enterprise” jaunt TREK
“Eureka!” relatives AHS
“Humbug!” kin BOSH
“Iron Chef” necessities PANS
“Lymph” attachment NODE
“Table” seasoning SALT
“Teaser!” OHYOU
.00001 newton DYNE
About 1/3 of Earth’s land ASIA
Actor Lugosi BELA
Altar approach NAVE
Ambiguous VAGUE
Argentine grassland LLANO
Autumn droppings ACORNS
Be a slacker LETUP
Book features TITLES
Caffeinated drink COLA
Certain wading bird IBIS
Croat or Bulgar, e.g SLAV
Deep anger IRE
Dirt blemish BLOT
Dory feature OAR
Double-play result OUTS
Execute a duck? EVADE
Exuberant blowout BASH
False prefix PSEUD
Fat-nosed antelope SAIGA
Frankenstein’s flunky IGOR
Garage slots BAYS
Generic guy’s name BUD
Hail units STONES
Herbal tea TISANE
Himalayan mystery YETI
How the tortoise beat the hare SLOWLYBUTSURELY
Clues Answers
Informal hand grenade FRAG
It can be hacked TREE
Japanese currency YEN
Large amounts HEAPS
Large fruits MELONS
Like some prunes PITTED
Little Miss Bobbsey NAN
Make reparations ATONE
Malarialike symptom AGUE
Naked NUDE
Norway city OSLO
Novel “___ Love” GEEK
O’Hara portrayer LEIGH
Once more AGAIN
Packs down TAMPS
Palestinian Mahmoud ABBAS
Par ___ (by air) AVION
Place for a film king SIAM
Potato state IDAHO
Public wedding announcement BANNS
Resort island ARUBA
Reverberating RESONANT
Shirt-closing activity BUTTONFASTENING
Shower alternative BATH
Strong scent ODOR
Suds in a tub? HOMEBREW
Teen embarrassment ACNE
The Little Mermaid ARIEL
Tighten manuscripts EDIT
Used a spade DUG
Vein glory? LODE
Vigorous enthusiasm ELAN
What a stream may create GULCH
What proctors watch over TESTS
Word after “ahoy” MATEY
Yard storage facility SHED
___ Bator (place) ULAN

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