Universal – Mar 14 2018

Clues Answers
“… as bad as it may ___” SEEM
“… no one has any idea” ANDGODKNOWSWHAT
“Adios ___!” AMIGO
“Aw, mom!” utterance GROAN
“High” socials TEAS
“Norma ___” (movie) RAE
“Tetris” block shapes ELLS
“The King and I” setting SIAM
Active European volcano ETNA
Alter, as information SKEW
Andrews of sportscasting ERIN
Annoying or troubling HASSLING
Arm bone ULNA
Babes and hunks TENS
Best Buy squad members GEEKS
Big name in gas AMOCO
Bit of land in the sea ISLET
Blade part EDGE
Blazing funeral heaps PYRES
Bottom on the ground? SOLE
Cat’s bane BATH
Cleared, as dishes BUSSED
Come into effect, legally ENURE
Common article THE
Concerning bees APIAN
Critters’ mouths MAWS
Crush, as a baseball BASH
Currently broadcasting ONAIR
Debate subject ISSUE
Deserve wages EARN
Didn’t walk RAN
Drawn-out battle SIEGE
Dutch painter Jan STEEN
Emulate a tiger ROAR
Gets a good look OGLES
Got ready for a drive TEED
Grape grower VINE
Hopping amphibian FROG
Clues Answers
Huff or tizzy SNIT
It has a long arm LAW
Legendary movie star Ruby DEE
Like a good comic FUNNY
Like a litter’s runt WEENIEST
Like verified facts HARD
Longest French river LOIRE
Made bubbles BLEW
Marriageable NUBILE
Moses climbed it SINAI
Not far away NEAR
Novelist Cather WILLA
Opera highlight ARIA
Order from above DECREE
Pace and Strasberg LEES
Print shop’s supply INK
Raring to go EAGER
Release EMIT
Slow-moving craft CANOE
Some bring Toys for Tots BIKERS
Some ltr. recipients MESSRS
Some wrinkly fruits UGLIS
Sonny Shroyer series ENOS
Starr of comics BRENDA
Stockholm resident SWEDE
Summoned via invitation BADE
Suspicious LEERY
Symbol of Christianity CROSS
Term in comparisons THAN
The auld sod EIRE
They have many functions SWISSARMYKNIVES
Thing pulled on a human HAMSTRINGMUSCLE
Tips a topper DOFFS
TV’s Baldwin ALEC
What police want cleared AREA
What the sun does daily SETS
___ Aviv TEL
___ vital (life force) ELAN

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