Universal – Mar 15 2018

Clues Answers
“The Tempest” character ARIEL
Admit bluntly AVOW
Agenda SLATE
Aiming aid SIGHT
Banqueted ATE
Barbell exercise CURL
Big-mouthed snapper GATOR
Brand of toy blocks LEGO
Broad hollow DALE
Bus stations DEPOTS
Chinese leader Zedong MAO
Cooler relatives HOOSGOWS
Cordwood measure STERE
Craft shop buy KIT
Dawning ONSET
Deconstruct a sentence PARSE
Deep contemplaters MUSERS
Do drudge work MOIL
Eggy drinks NOGS
Elizabethan or Victorian ERA
Even a single time EVER
Far offshore ASEA
Fire starter KINDLING
Get an eyeful OGLE
Glimpsed SEEN
Handle the wheel STEER
Have legs? LAST
Hit – run play link AND
Hydrogen’s lack ODOR
Imperial edict UKASE
Infection type STAPH
Insert bleeps CENSOR
It comes full circle GIRTH
Lay ___ (chastise) INTO
Like some Greek columns DORIC
Lion noises ROARS
Low-voiced singer BASSO
Make harmonious ATTUNE
Clues Answers
Matinee hero IDOL
Medina resident SAUDI
Modest skirt style MIDI
Monetary value PRICE
Moral teller AESOP
Motto of eager bloodhounds? LETSGETTRACKING
Old Toyota PASEO
Olympic sword EPEE
Paint unit COAT
Par for the course NORM
Poetic cave GROT
Pre-cal math course TRIG
Premolar’s neighbor CANINE
Puts in like piles SORTS
Recipe instruction STIR
Reddish monkey TITI
Remove a cravat UNTIE
Sandwich cookie brand OREO
Screen component MESH
Shore eagle ERNE
Shortly, to Shakespeare ANON
Show concern CARE
Small bay INLET
Sneaking suspicion, e.g IDEA
Some lethal slitherers ASPS
Spelling or Amos TORI
Spheres for astronomers ORBS
Splinter-removing tool PLANE
Sprays MISTS
Stew holders POTS
Stone paving block SETT
Street for kids SESAME
Stressful hospital sections ERS
Throw for a loss UPEND
Toothpaste tube org ADA
Top-billed actor STAR
Wish of patriotic Netherlanders? LETSKEEPINDUTCH
Words from a lazy lead guitarist? LETSROCKANDLOLL

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