Universal – Mar 16 2018

Clues Answers
“90210” actress Spelling TORI
“Say no more!” STOP
“Whoa!” GOSH
18-wheel roller RIG
92 sq. miles, for Baltimore AREA
A foreign language ERSE
A U.S. state capital PIERRE
Apply a brand SEAR
April 1 activity PRANK
Artificial spreads OLEOS
Asian caregivers AMAHS
Barrel bottom stuff DREG
Bendy joint KNEE
Big-time cosmetics company AVON
Broken mirrors, to some OMENS
Broker’s handout INVESTMENTGUIDE
Brothers of video games MARIO
Buy from afar IMPORT
Clue relative HINT
Common turn LEFT
Concept IDEA
Confederation UNION
Cookie brand OREO
Country in “Free” signs TIBET
Deep cut GASH
Difficult to understand ARCANE
Doesn’t fade LASTS
Dublin’s land EIRE
Editor’s notation DELE
Fancy jug EWER
Fingerprint variety LATENT
Fliers using sonar BATS
French Sudan, later MALI
Garden figure? GNOME
Harsh anger RAGE
He had a like button? IKE
High school greeter HOMEROOMTEACHER
Homeowner’s showcase CURIO
Clues Answers
How the unsuccessful try? AGAIN
It’s a blast TNT
It’s big and corny IOWA
Like depth finders SONIC
Make a sweater KNIT
Mouse on “The Simpsons” ITCHY
Muslim ruler EMIR
Mysterious deck TAROT
Not even diddly NIL
Ox’s neckpiece YOKE
Perennial with blue flowers HAREBELL
Pinball message TILT
Ready for battle ACCOUTER
Refused to DIDNT
Renoir, certainly ARTIST
Rum syrup cake BABA
Safari sound ROAR
Sewer’s creation SEAM
Simpson and Conner BARTS
Small lynx BOBCAT
Some passing grades CEES
Sound from a chick PEEP
Sounds of excitement OHS
Sprinted RAN
Squirrel’s animated friend MOOSE
Stepped heavily TROD
Studies like crazy CRAMS
Surrendered, as property CEDED
Tales of ___ WOE
Televised AIRED
They put butts in seats STARS
Things in circles RADII
To no ___ (useless) AVAIL
U-turn from holy EVIL
Who to “go ask” in a song ALICE
Withhold, as information OMIT

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