Universal – Mar 17 2018

Clues Answers
“4K HDR, 120 refresh rate,” e.g TECHNOSPEAK
“Anti” kin CON
“Billion” ending AIRES
“For” vote YEA
“Have we ___ before?” MET
“Lonesome ___” (TV show) DOVE
“The Ballet Class” painter DEGAS
“___ you think it was?” WHOD
Adjective for a mouse TIMID
Advances temporarily LENDS
Aforetime ERE
An “Animal Farm” home STY
AT&T’s industry TELECOM
Back rub reason ACHE
Bad movie rating ONESTAR
Barbecue sides SLAWS
Battlement feature CRENEL
Becomes edible RIPENS
Bedrock rock ORE
Better than good GREAT
Brimmed hat FEDORA
Bring out EDUCE
Buyer’s concern PRICE
Chicken serving LEG
Chris on clay or grass EVERT
Cinders holder ASHBIN
Common or Christian ERA
Copper coatings PATINAS
Craving DESIRE
Cries of loathing UGHS
De-chalk ERASE
Defeated on eBay OUTBID
Deli hangings SALAMI
Do a kindergarten task PASTE
Extended land masses ISTHMI
Feature of many films TECHNICOLOR
Clues Answers
Game expedition SAFARI
Growth of grass SWARD
Handles differently? RENAMES
In a lowdown way BASELY
Involving the shin TIBIAL
Jaw-dropped look GAPE
Kia car model OPTIMA
Lancelot du ___ LAC
Little spasm TIC
Made grain-sized RICED
Muscle binders FASCIAS
Mythical armor plate AEGIS
Ness the Untouchable ELIOT
Norse goddess of love FREYA
Old hoops grp ABA
Once around the world ORBIT
One “scared of invisible waves!” TECHNOPHOBE
One of a mouthy 12 MOLAR
Recurrently AGAIN
Relating to a base eight system OCTAL
Say “May I?” ASK
Seriously skilled workers TECHNICIANS
Shows, as fangs BARES
Some royal Indians RANIS
Stock to hawk WARES
Tiny insects ANTS
Twosomes DYADS
Type of therapy AROMA
U.S. spy grp CIA
Warning notices ALERTS
Was tightfisted STINTED
Waterproofing gunk TAR
Without value NIL
Writer who was part Butler? YEATS
___ Vicente, Brazil SAO
___-mouthed (insincere) MEALY

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