Universal – Mar 18 2018

Clues Answers
“Just chill!” RELAX
“___ O’Riley” BABA
20 years SCORE
49-Across, ironically CLUE
A Spice Girl POSH
A staged couple? DUO
Agitate but good RILE
AlgonquianГ%82В in Canada CREE
Ankle bones TALI
Battery type DRYCELL
Big baller’s ride LIMO
Campaign CRUSADE
Cigar lover SMOKER
Confuse directionwise DISORIENT
Correct errata EDIT
Cul-de-___ SAC
Desert stickers CACTI
Dig like a pig ROOTLE
Dirty politician? SMEARSPECIALIST
Distress signal SOS
Double-edged broadswords CLAYMORES
Engine and coconut OILS
Event host EMCEE
Every bit of ALL
Formerly, if you’re 300 ERST
Gets one’s money’s worth USES
Glasses recommender OCULIST
Grazed or grubbed ATE
H.S. math class CALC
Hardy woman TESS
Hospital section ICU
Inventor’s start IDEA
Invitation inits RSVP
It’s assaulted by noise EAR
Math subgroup COSET
Monetary unit of Afghanistan PUL
Clues Answers
Money to be returned LOANS
Move like a pachyderm PLOD
Muhammad with the jabs ALI
Muscle twitches SPASMS
Nearly worthless amount SOU
No-no perfume? TABU
Not fail PASS
Not good or bad SOSO
Not sell KEEP
Office reminder MEMO
Overcharge, slangily SOAK
Paris 1,000 MILLE
Parting words BYES
Plentiful trees OAKS
Plug place OUTLET
Praise and how EXTOL
Prefix with “woven” INTER
Professor’s workload PAPERS
Projecting window ORIEL
Put on the telly AIRED
Racing horse PACER
Round dish? POTPIE
Runner’s distance MILE
Russia, pre-1991 USSR
Sarge’s pooch OTTO
Skating Brinker HANS
Spitty nudge PSST
Stock listing ITEM
Stupors X 1,000 COMAS
They stick food TINES
They’re related KIN
Tot’s diversion TOY
Watch an opponent walk-off? LOSE
Whale variety ORCA
Wind-blown pointer VANE
Winter solstice treats? SMALLDAYSUCKERS
Worst kind of arrest CARDIAC

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