Universal – Mar 19 2018

Clues Answers
“Cheers” accountant NORM
“Hemmed” partner HAWED
“Why me?” ALAS
3:00, in directions EAST
A possessive pronoun THEIR
Aid for Moses STAFF
Applaud CLAP
Armstrong’s giant small thing STEP
Asthmatic’s need INHALER
Be wrong ERR
Big bird of fables ROC
Brief jaunt DAYTRIP
Burn a meat’s surface CHAR
Cantina purchase TACO
Composer Joseph HAYDN
Cul-de-___ SACS
Dancer’s vehicle SLED
Declare legally void ANNUL
Duplication on paper REPRO
Elaine Douvas, for one OBOIST
Electric-dart firer TASER
Epicenters FOCI
Everyday guy SCHMO
Everyone has one NAME
Exam kin TEST
Fire truck necessity HOSE
Flu symptom ACHE
Footnotes’ “the same” IDEM
Gaucho’s home RANCHO
Genesis victim ABEL
Goes in again REENTERS
Golf course features GREENS
Greatest suffix EST
Gym letters YMCA
Hamburg’s river ELBE
He “will” be rewarded HEIR
Heal permanently CURE

Clues Answers
Home Depot counts on them in winter SNOWBLOWERSALES
Hot-cross or cinnamon BUN
Household task CHORE
Hunter’s need ACCURACY
Il ___ (Mussolini) DUCE
Indian dress SARI
Informed about ONTO
Lingerie items BRAS
Mad dog’s production FROTH
Many are compact DISCS
Modern letter EMAIL
Mountaineer’s fear SLIP
Natural light show AURORA
NBA employee REF
New York county SENECA
Parts go-with LABOR
Pick pockets, e.g ROB
Prepare potatoes, perhaps MASH
Respectful POLITE
Rite thing to wear? ALB
Rural pasture LEA
Russian summer home DACHA
Scandinavian capital OSLO
Shout at Yankee Stadium ICECOLDBEERHERE
Sign of impending things OMEN
Snakelike fishes EELS
Some autos FORDS
Spoken SAID
Surprising victory UPSET
Therefore ERGO
They may be sworn or bitter ENEMIES
Took place WAS
Use a spinnaker SAIL
Vintner’s device PRESS
Wide receiver END
Windows symbol ICON
Word with “dog” EARED

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