Universal – Mar 2 2018

Clues Answers
“… upon receipt ___” HEREOF
“Anything ___?” ELSE
“Let’s Talk About ___” (Salt-N-Pepa) SEX
“Trooper” add-on PARA
“West” endings ERNS
“Without further ___” ADO
’60s turn-on LSD
A prime-time hour NINE
A way to await EAGERLY
Alpine snow field NEVE
Ancient Roman magistrate PRAETOR
Assign, as blame PINON
Assist crooks ABET
Attorney Dershowitz ALAN
Authentic REAL
Before in adherence? ERE
Burglar’s cover SKIMASK
Carefree walk AMBLE
Chapter in history ERA
Combustible heap PYRE
Constructors for the rich MANSIONBUILDERS
December tunes NOELS
Decree over REORDAIN
Desk type ROLLTOP
Despise wholly LOATHE
Drunkards SOUSES
Ear and nostrils, e.g ORIFICES
Eyeball layer UVEA
Faberge creation EGG
Feminine pronoun SHE
Festive night, often EVE
Foreign monetary unit LEK
Get tangled in a net ENMESH
Govt. stipend SSI
Graph line AXIS
Hank Hill’s town ARLEN
Hold ’em kin STUD
Hose material, sometimes LISLE
Clues Answers
Imitator APER
Inedible “dessert” MUDPIE
Info seepage LEAK
Julia or Mondesi RAUL
Legolas and kin ELVES
Leisurely tempo ADAGIO
Mexican dollars PESOS
Mongolia’s ___ Bator ULAN
Moray, e.g EEL
Musical Shaw ARTIE
Old U.S. capital NYC
Olympic awards MEDALS
Petite pooch PEKE
Play for a patsy USE
Playoff heartbreak LOSS
Poi party LUAU
Ponce or Falana LOLA
Quick sleep NAP
Regular hangouts HAUNTS
Roman coins DENARII
Russian retreats DACHAS
Similar AKIN
Some jobs for attorneys ESTATEPLANNINGS
Sound Siameselike MEOW
Spectacular star NOVA
Steam letter-offer VENTER
Suffix with “leather” ETTE
Swan constellation star DENEB
They’re guarded for the queen PALACEGROUNDS
Turkish money LIRE
Turn sharply VEER
Verb for the past WAS
Whammy glare EVILEYE
Whopper tellers LIARS
Word with “the ramparts” OER
Words with “keep” ATIT
Words with “your disposal” IMAT
___ chi chuan TAI

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