Universal – Mar 20 2018

Clues Answers
“… one leg ___ time” ATA
19th Greek letter TAU
48th U.S. VP PENCE
Amino, for one ACID
Be a mirror hog PREEN
Beat down, biblically SMITE
Boaters’ relatives PANAMAS
Butlers, e.g MENSERVANTS
Cable-ready WIRED
Cadavers CORPSES
Commence START
Copycat APE
Creepy EERIE
Crude abode HOVEL
Cursive writing LONGHAND
Daiquiri kin MAITAI
Dean and Herman CAINS
Dracula’s tools FANGS
Eggs, scientifically OVA
Fishing net of France? SEINE
Full moon maker? REAR
Gripe that’s picked NIT
Hart’s desire? DOE
Hitchcock’s title SIR
Hunts for food FORAGES
Jazz singer Vaughan SARAH
Letter with curves ESS
Like a readied Titleist ONATEE
Like a ready dinner table SET
Like drunken speech SLURRED
Mamas’ bandmates PAPAS
Mamie’s husband IKE
MLB stat ERA
Most trivial PETTIEST
Naval bigwig ADMIRAL
No-firing period TRUCE
Clues Answers
Not just feuding ATWAR
NYC arena MSG
Papery handout PAMPHLET
Photo blow-up (Abbr.) ENL
Piece de resistance? OHM
Praiseworthy MERITORIOUS
Prefix with “natal” NEO
Pregame exercises SPRINTS
Pretenses GUISES
Pretentious one SNOB
Printer’s errors TYPOS
Reprieved RESPITED
Revealing lipstick GLOSS
River-sea link ESTUARY
Rough shredder TEARER
Salt releasers SHAKERS
Salty, as water BRINY
Scale increment POUND
Sedimentary rock SHALE
Senate fetcher PAGE
Small songbird TOMTIT
Song to the Lord HYMN
Sticks a fork in STABS
Strong smells ODORS
Superman’s composition? STEEL
Tattered go-with TORN
Texas A&M attendee AGGIE
Thing taken with a tape MEASUREMENT
Tibia and ulna BONES
Trials TESTS
Villain’s expression SNEER
Walk wobbly TEETER
Warm frozen glass DEICE
Wine barrel X 1,000 VAT
Without significance MEANINGLESS
Working no more, briefly RET
___ Martin (classic car) ASTON

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